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a word from mitchr

CMO Windy City Parrot, Inc

They are little dinosaurs with 99 million years of evolutionary instinctual expectations that they want to communicate to you.

The bird  you are trying to adopt is one of about 700 species we categorize as captive or caged birds.

They see light outside the visible spectrum that humans cannot. They have a standing heart rate of 200 bpm. They poop every 15 minutes. Even the tiniest of beaks can puncture skin, the larger ones can break the metal. They can fly

Are you prepared to make the decision to keep your bird flightless or allowed to fly?

With either choice do you know how teach bird flight? Do you know which feathers need to be removed to eliminate flight but keep the bird safe?

If your bird is injured do you know how to restrain it without getting bit?

Captive bird keepers will tell you getting bit is part of keeping a bird. I will tell you that getting bit is not acceptable by a bird, dog nor cat. The question is do you know how to avoid bite?

Once you can answer all the questions on this test you’ll not only be ready to bring a bird into your home but you will be empowered to care for it properly.

Mitch Rezman with their 8-1/2 year old rescued female (surgically sexed) Senegal parrot named Peaches.

“Although Peaches never fledged, she’s become quite the little flier but needs to work on landings”.

“A bird’s eye view is broader and faster than you can ever imagine”

Our holistic aproach to pet bird care

We advocate that you look at your bird(s) “holistically” meaning look at “everything” that affects a captive bird because it’s already processing that information – 3 times faster than you.

  • Cage environment
  • Clipped or flighted
  • Exercise frequency
  • Foraging/enrichment opportunities
  • Frequency of bathing
  • Lighting/light cycles
  • Nutrition
  • Other feathered flock members
  • Other human flock members
  • Out of the cage environment
  • Sexuality
  • Species
  • Training routines
  • Veterinary care

5 Decades in your home - what could possibly go wrong?

Do you know about Teflon dangers in the home? 

What’s the best type of sleeping perch? 

Why do light cycles matter?

Does eye pining mean love or fear?

How do you stop a toe nail from bleeding?

What’s the best way to restrain an injured bird?

Why is it essential to weigh your bird twice a month?

catherine tobsing with dusky conure on shoulder

The woman who founded Windy City Parrot

Starting out in 1993 as a bird show hobbyist while breeding a variety of species at home, Catherine Tobsing soon expanded her reach appearing in as many as 60 bird shows annually

She single-handedly launched New Year’s Eve 2002 receiving her first order six hours later.

Today she is responsible for web order shipping and receiving, eBay orders and running the Birdie Boutique.

Having more than 25 years experience makes her the ideal cnadidate to fooer pet bird keeping solutions to our customers worldwide

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