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Freedom Buffet Stainless Steel Bird Cage Feeder

Freedom Buffet Stainless Steel Bird Cage Feeder

The Freedom Buffet™

At last! Unique roll-top bowl covers that make it easy for anyone to tend your birds! Birds can’t bite the attendant or escape while the cage is being serviced. Externally mounted feeder system increases inside cage space. Safety! Sanitation! Will save ou time and money.

Partitions reduce cross contamination of food and water. Significantly reduces spilling of food and water on the floor. Protects food and water from bird droppings even when birds are on top of cage! 3 removable and dishwasher safe roll-top bowl covers.

Roll tops: injection molded polycarbonate (not acrylic). Features 3 lock down 30-oz stainless steel bowls. A Lock/release system for roll-tops is hidden below tray where birds can’t see or reach them! Buffet tray and interior feeding grate are made of 304 medical grade stainless steel.

Freedom Buffet 2, Bird And Parrot Info

Freedom Buffet 3, Bird And Parrot Info

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  1. I purchased a used very large medical grade stainless steel bird cage which the original owner modified with this buffet system. At first I found it a bit fussy but after 2 months all I can do is scream how wonderful the whole buffet system works! If my bird needs babysitting I have no fears of the sitter getting bit and my bird can’t escape. I recommend that you hold the latch bar when you put the covers back in place otherwise the polycarbonate groove latch mechanism will slowly wear down. I highly recommend this product! I hope the manufacturer is still in business since their website is missing. I’m sure you can hunt one down from some vender in the USA.

      1. I’m sad to hear that. Thank goodness my package deal cage with two spare covers and additional hardware and cups. Although now that I have this new to me but used cage, it will never need replacing during my lifetime and hopefully my bird’s. Maybe somebody will buy the equipment from the old manufacturer and build them again. I guess stainless steel cages are a bit pricey for the average bird owner, but I look at stainless steel as a lifelong investment that will never deteriorate. On the chance that a weld breaks it’s so easy to get fixed by a professional welder.

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