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Don’t give up hope – if your bird is lost please try contacting one of these bird locating websites. It can be scary but don’t panic.

You can email [email protected] and we’ll reach out to Facebook, Twitter& our blog to assist in the search for your lost bird or parrot

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Here’s the email I got when I registered with www.parrotalert.com

Hello windycityparrot,

Thank you for registering with us.

A few important things to consider in case the unfortunate arises:

  1. Make a note of the ring/band identification number on your parrots leg.

If your parrot doesn’t have one, it’s not too late, you can obtain a stainless steel SPLIT ring/band (for adult birds) cheaply.



Don’t buy a plastic ring/band as parrots like to chew and destroy them.

  1. If your bird has been micro chipped, ensure your contact details are up to date.
  1. Make a note of any distinctive markings.
  1. If your parrot is able to talk, try and either teach it your phone/mobile number or your house number and postcode.

It’s a good idea to say your number when answering the phone, as they pick this up (eg. mytown 456789)

  1. If you do put your bird outside during the warmer climate, ensure they can’t escape, as they can open door latches/locks that you would think are impossible to pick.
  1. Even clipped birds taken outdoors have been known to fly away, even a gush of wind can lift one and carry it tens of metres.
  1. Finally, keep an eye on the doors and windows.

Also, please spread the word about this up and coming site, as we’ll need as many people registered to help increase the reunite rate of lost and found parrots.

Keep checking back for the full launch of parrotalert.


Australian based





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