Collection of bird grooming and training videos

We watch a lot of bird and parrot related videos before we present them to you. I mean a lot :-). The videos below represent some of the better home made and professional ones we looked at over the past couple of weeks.

We love bird videos and hope these help you become a better companion. You can never stop learning about how to care for your bird(s). We try to cover all aspects including bird grooming, bird nutrition and bird behavior.

The “teaching your bird to step up without biting you” is really cool and easy to learn if you’re having problems handling a (new) bird.

The “Household hazards for Pet birds” is one of our favorites. We bring this subject up regularly. As you’ll hear from Dr. Karen Becker, first hand the problems she confronts every day as an avian veterinarian.

The oragami parrot video is incredible (although a bit mind numbing – warning – it’s 25 minutes – put on the coffee now). We can’t figure out how John, the kid(?) in the video – remembers all these steps.

We’re still looking into the aromatherapy issue, we just don’t know that much about. If you’ve had experience using aromatherapy to treat or maintain a bird we’d love to hear your story. Just post it to our Facebook page.

We’re showing the “Trim nails and beak with rotary trimmer” video to introduce one of our newest products – a cordless rotary trimmer found here. It will pay for itself by saving on paying a professional and you’ll be able to trim your bird or parrot’s beak & nails more often making it easier to handle your bird.

Recess! With all this learning, you may need a break. If you haven’t seen Snowball (a Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo) dance, you’ll love this duet with the Gecko.

Until next time

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot, Inc.

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