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Birds need Variety

Birds need a variety of foods just as they would find in nature. Dr. Harvey’s Blends provide a tremendous variety of grains, seeds, fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs. Birds need variety not just because it is healthier nutritionally but because they get bored with repetition and need to be stimulated both visually and with a variety of textures. Dr. Harvey’s Blends are interesting for birds and provide the complete nutrition and variety that companion birds need. In addition to our blends, Dr. Harvey recommends feeding fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Dr. Harvey is honored by Avian Veterinarians

In 2001 Dr. Harvey’s was given an award for Outstanding Service and Commitment To Advancing And Promoting Avian Medicine and Stewardship by the Association of Avian Veterinarians.


We Never…

  • Use commercial grade ingredients
  • Use Pet grade ingredients
  • Use feed grade ingredients
  • Heat our foods
  • Use any fillers
  • Use preservatives
  • Use dyes or coloring agents

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% money- back guarantee on all of our products. You may return any item in up to 90 days from date of purchase for a complete refund. Please return the unused portion of your product and we will credit your account for the full price that you paid for the item. We do not refund shipping costs. This guarantee will help you to feel confident when purchasing any product from Dr. Harvey’s. We stand behind every product that we manufacture completely and totally.

A Message From Dr. Harvey

Dr. Harvey and DanerIt’s my sincere pleasure to personally welcome you to Dr. Harvey’s “home on the web.” On behalf of the our team, we thank you for stopping by, and we’re glad that you’re here with us today.

People often ask me what “drives me” and our team to care so much about the quality of food that we create for companion animals. And my frank and honest answer to that question is: don’t they deserve it?

Of course, the answer is “yes, they do!” And I’m sure you agree.

But for so many years, caring and loving guardians like you simply couldn’t find the healthy and natural products you wanted (to learn more about this, be sure to read The Dr. Harvey’s Story).

Today’s pet food companies use dangerous chemicals and the worst ingredients, simply to make more money.

And even today, despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary, pet food companies continue to use dangerous chemicals and the worst ingredients, just to make more money. The furthest thing from their mind seems to be the health of the animals that they’re feeding. And the second furthest thing from their mind seems to be how devastated their customers will feel when their animals get sick or suffer negative health effects caused by poor nutrition.

At Dr. Harvey’s, we set out to change that – and thanks to the support of countless loyal customers, we have! That’s why today, 30 years after our humble beginnings, we’re an industry leader in producing the finest all-natural, organic and wholesome foods, treats, herbal supplements and herbal grooming aids for dogs, cats, birds and horses. And on top of this, we maintain our unwavering commitment to educating our customers on how to care for their beloved companion animals – why, because as we all agree, they deserve the best!

And yes, I will admit that our foods do take a few extra minutes of preparation. But when you compare that small extra effort to the overwhelming benefits – especially the happy, healthy, energized and grateful look in the eye of a beloved companion animal – there really isn’t a comparison at all. In fact, it’s a labor of love.

Just like “work” is everyday for me and the team here at Dr. Harvey’s: a labor of love.

Thank you very much for visiting with us today.

Personally yours,

Dr. Harvey

Company Overview

As a pioneer and the very first companion animal food producer in the “ultra-natural” category, the team at Dr. Harvey’s has dedicated itself over the past three decades to a powerful vision: helping guardians give their companion animals a better, healthier, happier, longer and more fulfilling life.

And to bring that special vision to life, we produce the finest all-natural foods, treats, herbal supplements and herbal grooming aids for dogs, cats, birds and horses. We proudly follow the principles of a fresh, organic, holistic, natural and top quality nutrition – which means our products contain absolutely no added chemicals, no preservatives, and no synthetic additives or coloring agents. We believe that companion animals should be fed fresh whole foods and proteins, and that “health begins in the kitchen!”

Quite simply, our healthy products give companion animals the nutrition they need to achieve optimal health, avoid the ailments caused by processed “pet foods,” maintain a strong immune system, and increase their lifespan.

And just as valuably, our wholesome products give guardians the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they’re doing the “right thing” for their beloved companion animal, and playing an active role in their enhanced health and longer life.

Other key features that define us as a company include:

  • We use only the highest quality products with no processed ingredients of any kind.
  • Our food helps lower our customer’s veterinarian bills.
  • We produce all of our products right here in the United States.
  • Our foods have helped companion animals dramatically recover from conditions such as skin allergies, cancer, kidney and liver problems, chronic digestive issues, IBS, chronic diarrhoea, bad breath and more.
  • We’re a family owned and operated, and never lose sight of our vision.
  • We’ve helped 1000s of companions animals reclaim and maintain vibrant health.
  • We never compromise on quality – period!
  • We offer the very best customer service.
  • We love and care about your companion animal as much as you do!

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