Seed Skirt Dimensions

Seed guards on a prevue 3154 play top bird cage
Seed guards on a Prevue 3154 play top bird cage with rounded corners
Do the dimensions stated in the bird cage listings include seed guards?
The listed bird cage dimensions on our website do not include the dimensions for the seed catchers. In general figure an additional 10 inches side-to-side and front-to-back.
Seed catchers are generally added to the exterior of the cage to help guide refuse and debris from the bird cage down into a tray located beneath the grate or the bird cage floor. 
Some seed skirt sets are easily removable which makes cleaning quicker. Other seed skirt sets can be mounted on the cage with as many as eight screws and nuts making removal and re-installation a little more tedious.
Some birds will sit on the top of their cage and poop directly onto the seed skirt which will help protect your flooring. As an alternative to this you can introduce a an office chair mat or a sheet of linoleum flooring to protect your floor.
Some seed guards have rounded corners. Other see guard sets have pointed corners. In either case it is possible for seed guards to cause damage to adjoining walls, children or four-legged pets in the household. 
Should you install seed guards on your bird cage? The decision is yours.
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