Buying Supplies for Two New Birds

Kriselle and I had chatted on the phone a month ago. She shared her palns to bring two baby birds into her home. She was taking a year off from work and felt it would give her the opportunity to make the right home for the birds.

I’ll make a note here that I recommend she start leaving the house about 3 months before returning to work starting with shorter periods but ramping up to full 8 – 10 hour days to help the birds adjust to a “prolonged absence”
For the novice (and some seasoned) bird owners, we recommend clicking through the links at the top of this page for some thoughts on how to buy a bird cage
To read about the entire project, click here

Cordless rotary bird nail and beak trimmer questions

Cordless Rotary Bird Nail & Beak Trimmer with Accessories

Hi Mitch,

How does the “Cordless rotary bird nail and beak trimmer” in your current promo compare with my dremel ( which is not cordless)?
Do I need thus for my birds if I have. A Dremel brand dremel (which I don’t use on my birds cuz it scares them, so I take them to the bird groomer.
Would this one you have be less noisy and upsetting to my birds than my Dremel (I have a CAG, a hawkhead, 2 lories, and lovebirds)

Any advice appreciated 🙂

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Wrong Lixit Water Bottle Ordered

Yesterday I received my order number WCP-57541 (3 32oz Lixit bottles and 3 32oz Lixit stoppers). I realized immediately upon opening the box that I had purchased the incorrect size – what I really need are 3 16oz Lixit bottles and 3 16oz Lixit stoppers). 

I’d like to return these and exchange them for the 16oz versions. Please advise how to do this. I purchased the bottles when you were having one of your sales (I believe 10% off?) and I purposely purchased enough to get free shipping. 

My total (with discount and free shipping) came to $66.04. I’d be happy to do an exact exchange for the 16oz bottles and stoppers, even if they would cost less. 

Also, I’d like to place the order for the 16oz bottles and stoppers ASAP. Please let me know the most convenient (for you) and cost effective (for me) way of doing this.

Thank you very much! 


Dear Chrsitina

I am sorry you ordered the wrong size bottles on your order.

You can ship them to our store at the address below for a refund minus the cost of shipping we paid to send them to you.

Please pack carefully so the items do not break on their way to us. We cannot refund for broken product returns, insuring the package may be prudent.

If you re-order the correct bottles, before we receive the return, we will waive the 10% restocking fee.

All returns must be made within 30 days of your receipt of the shipment (by 9/19)

You can go ahead and order the ones you need online any time.

We currently have a special free shipping at $49.00 so it is a good time to save on shipping costs.

I can give you a one time only 10% off coupon for this order XXXX, use it during check out for the 10% off you received prior.

If you have any difficulties, please call me at 312-492-9673. 10 am CST to 5 PM.

Thank you

Catherine Tobsing, President
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

Why does my parrot love it when I stroke its beak?

Close up of Military Macaw Parrot's head

We perceive a bird’s beak as rigid and bony, but it’s actually a highly sensitive appendage.

Birds have touch receptors in the upper portion of their beaks, called Herbst’s corpuscles, which are highly sensitive.

Many birds do enjoy having their beaks stroked, but some don’t. If your bird wants the contact, it will usually initiate it

this is also why we discouarge trimming your own bird’s beaks. This should only be done by a board certifies avian veterinarian because should your bird flinch and the trimmer slip – damage could easily be caused to the herbst corpuscles seriously diminishing the sensitivity in your birds beak 
What you didn't know about bird beaks

Brighten Pionus blue/green feathers?

Maximilian Pionus parrot

Hi, Windy City Parrot! Please advise…

We have a blue-headed pionus and would like to add a supplement to his food in order to brighten his blue/green feathers. Is there such a thing?

Also, we have two scarlet-breasted (splendid) parakeets. What supplement do you recommend to brighten their plumage? Seems like reds are easier than blues/greens.

Thank you!

Kate M

Dear Kate

We have two feather enhancing products for sale.


Featheriffic has received high reviews:

Nekton R is mainly used for Red Factor canaries but also for parrots:

Both are in stock.


Many years ago, I used to breed Australian Grass parakeets, including Splendids, Turquisine’s, and others. Loved them. Beautiful, but quiet birds.


Thank you
Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

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