Brighten Pionus blue/green feathers?

Brighten Pionus blue/green feathers?

Maximilian Pionus parrot

Hi, Windy City Parrot! Please advise…

We have a blue-headed pionus and would like to add a supplement to his food in order to brighten his blue/green feathers. Is there such a thing?

Also, we have two scarlet-breasted (splendid) parakeets. What supplement do you recommend to brighten their plumage? Seems like reds are easier than blues/greens.

Thank you!

Kate M

Dear Kate

We have two feather enhancing products for sale.


Featheriffic has received high reviews:

Nekton R is mainly used for Red Factor canaries but also for parrots:

Both are in stock.


Many years ago, I used to breed Australian Grass parakeets, including Splendids, Turquisine’s, and others. Loved them. Beautiful, but quiet birds.


Thank you
Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

Mitch Rezman

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