How a Booda soft bird perch helped my bird’s feet

New Product Review at Windy City Parrot

Product Name: Booda Comfy Rope Bird Perch – Medium – 21
Headline: These perches are the best.
Name: Karen S
Location: Kansas City
Review: My Amazon was starting to get sores on her feet because she was always on her sandy perches. I replaced the sandy perches with these Rope Booda perches and she just loves them. 

While she still has a few different perches to choose from, she spends most of her day and also sleeps on these Rope Booda perches. When needed, I wash these perches with a little bit of dish soap and a soft brush and then let air dry. Her feet have completely healed and she is happy as can be. Great product !!
Rating: 5
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Glad you were able to work out your problem with the Booda Perches.

Sandy or abrasive perches should never be used for sleeping perches. As most birds like to sleep high, perches that are ropem smooth wood, plastic or other materials are better for that purpose.

Move sandy or abrasive perches low, near food dishes or on or near the front door where your bird will be dancing to be let out and thus file its nails, if used by the food dishes, it is helpful as a “napkin” and to rub their beaks against to smooth the edges, halt excessive growth and help control minor cracks birds can get on their beaks.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

Dish to fit Prevue Bird Cage FO61

Dear Betty do you have the Prevue Breeder bird cages or another Prevue bird cage?

These dishes fit the following bird cage models FO61, FO610, FO630, FO80W

This is an example of the FO61 style Prevue bird cage they fit.–Prevue-FO61_p_482.html

The same bird cages are made by numerous manufacturers, and their doors may be a bit different. The Prevue bird cage shown/listed has door opening that lift almost 6 inches up, so you likely do not have a Prevue bird cage if it “looks” like that cage and the door will not lift high enough to fit the dish 

They may not fit all manufacturer bird cages of similar style and they do not fit all Prevue bird cages that use a winged dish.

The Generic #80 will fit the Prevue bird cage models 121, 123, 125 cages but will not fit the FO61, FO610, FO630, FO80W cages.

So many cages and so many dishes.


We try to include all the dimensions in the listings do help. But we don’t carry all dishes made. Sorry.

Waiting for HQ 13221 Bird Cage



We received your order for an HQ 13221 bird cage.

I have found our distributor is out of them until perhaps Thursday.

Can you wait?

Otherwise they have Platinum (most popular color to hide poop), sandstone
(warm tan), green or Blue.

We also have another manufacturer of the same cage, almost, The one you are
ordering has 2 doors, one above the other.

The AE 13221 bird cage has one long door. It is available in all six colors, Pure
White, Platinum, sandstone, black, Green and Blue.
Please let me know if you wish to stay with your original choice or change
to another color or manufacturer.

This is our most popular flight cage, regardless of the manufacturer. They
are basically the same cage.

Thank you for your order.



I bought the Prevue Pet FO30 aviary from you a couple years ago (in white). I prefer to wait for the HQ 13221 that I ordered (in white) because these two cages will be sitting side by side. I have done a lot of cage research and would rather not go with any substitutions at this time. 

I have 7 parakeets. One of them was born without a foot and just has a little stub on the right side. With her handicap, I have her currently in a Hagen Vision cage with all horizontal bars for ease of climbing until she gets a little older and better at walking/climbing/flying. I plan to house my “special needs” parakeet and a companion in the HQ 13221 and adapt the indoor environment for her in particular.

 I appreciate any suggestions you have.

 Please let me know once you have ordered the HQ 13221 from the distributor. Thank you.

Dear Vikki

I have already ordered the cage, it is a pre-order so the cage will ship out as soon as it arrives. Tracking will follow.

You might like these items for your birds.


 Thank you for ordering the cage for me. I also want to thank you for the suggested items. I already have a wood corner shelf, but I really like the sun deck and will consider ordering that also. 

 I am planning what items I will need for my new cage and will place an additional order with you for items that are not readily available in my local stores. 

By the way, I am immensely pleased with the Prevue Pet FO30 cage that I bought from you a few years ago. I have attached a photo for you of the six birds I have in that cage currently. Enjoy.

I also attached a photo of my “special needs” parakeet. She will enjoy the new cage. I live in a high-rise downtown, and my birds have a wonderful east river view of the city from the 23rd floor.

Thank you for all of your assistance and advice. You have been very helpful, as always.


Releasing Doves for Ceremonies is a Bad Practice

Dove birds awaiting release from a cage by the ocean for a ceremony
Today I received the one more request on the phone for another white dove to release into the wild for a ceremony, this time a 16th birthday. I explained as nicely as I could that captive bred doves and other birds released into the wild will likely be dead within a week and how does that help them celebrate a joyous occasion? 
Captive bred doves are unaware of how to locate food or water or shelter and are prime to be eaten by wild animals.
PLEASE folks, yes, seeing a huge flock of white doves released for a wedding, etc is lovely, but know that most will be dead in a very short time. 
Please find another way to show your joy instead of continuing this terrible practice. Releasing doves should go away like the practice of leg chains for birds. Barbaric.

Help My Bird’s Scared of Her New Cozy Corner Snuggly Sleeper

Find a Prevue Fleece Bird Cage Sleeper Cozy Corner Large – here

Prevue Fleece Bird Cage Sleeper Cozy Corner Large Name: Marilyn M

Location: Austin

Review: The item was of good quality and I received it quickly but my Orange winged Amazon, so far, will have nothing to do with it. I’m moving it closer to her cage each day and holding the Cozy Corner so she can see it’s not the enemy but if I put it in her cage she has a fit.

Rating: 5

Dear Marilyn

Change isn’t bad, but like having a small child it’s important that your bird understand that this new scary object can improve it’s quality of life.

A lot of birds take awhile to get used to Cozy Corner’s or bird sleeping huts in general if they have not used them before. One thing to try is to use it yourself in front of her, rub it on your face, neck, cooing and making happy sounds, don’t just lay it there like a dead canary.
After playing with it, put it on your favorite chair where she can see it, If you are not afraid, she may soon not be afraid either.
Some birds will allow it in their bird cage but spend time trying to untie it, that is still interaction that may lead to to, gee, this is nice and soft and warm.

If you are concerned about the birds warmth, have you considered the thermo perches. They are wonderful. My own bird had one in 3 different cages, I never had to worry about his warmth, and he even used it in the summer.


Thank you so much Catherine for this great input. I’m not worried at all about warmth I just wanted her to have a friend to cuddle with. She’s 21 and for the first time started feather picking.

I changed her over from her regular Harrisons bird food to their advanced formula and the feather picking has stopped.

She’s in there singing right now but staying on the far side of her cage from her “Buddy” I had been petting the Birdy Buddy and talking to it to show her there was nothing to fear but I think she’s not quite sure what to think about it.

Find a Prevue Fleece Bird Cage Sleeper Cozy Corner Large – here

How to determine the sex of a Love Bird

Beautiful bird, Lovebird eating fruit on ground

Love Birds are prolific shredders The females will pack their rump feathers with the shredded paper Males will make confetti

This helps them carry more nesting material back to the nest. In Love Birds, three of the nine species are dimorphic. A species is dimorphic if the cock is visibly different in color from the hen. The following three love bird species, Madagascar Love Bird, Red-faced Love Bird, and Abyssinian Love Bird, fall into this category.

Read moreHow to determine the sex of a Love Bird

Lafeber’s Avi Cakes

Lafeber's Avi Cakes Seed & Pellet Bars Parrot

Although Lafeber’s Avi Cakes Seed & Pellet have a lot of bird seed that also have pellets which provide 100% of all the nutrition a bird needs. Because of the multiple texture of Avi cakes – crispy chewy & crunchy, birds will enjoy eating them and generally leave little waste.

Additionally your birds will enjoy the cracked corn, rolled oats and whole eggs that are part of the Avi Cake’s recipe. Seeds in Lafeber’s Avi Cakes come from canary see, safflower, sunfloew and millet.

Dr. Lafeber who designed Avi Cakes is a practicing veterinarian who focued on nutritional deficiencies of pet bird food products Read the product review for Lafeber’s Avi Cakes

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