How a Booda soft bird perch helped my bird’s feet

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Product Name: Booda Comfy Rope Bird Perch – Medium – 21
Headline: These perches are the best.
Name: Karen S
Location: Kansas City
Review: My Amazon was starting to get sores on her feet because she was always on her sandy perches. I replaced the sandy perches with these Rope Booda perches and she just loves them. 

While she still has a few different perches to choose from, she spends most of her day and also sleeps on these Rope Booda perches. When needed, I wash these perches with a little bit of dish soap and a soft brush and then let air dry. Her feet have completely healed and she is happy as can be. Great product !!
Rating: 5
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Glad you were able to work out your problem with the Booda Perches.

Sandy or abrasive perches should never be used for sleeping perches. As most birds like to sleep high, perches that are ropem smooth wood, plastic or other materials are better for that purpose.

Move sandy or abrasive perches low, near food dishes or on or near the front door where your bird will be dancing to be let out and thus file its nails, if used by the food dishes, it is helpful as a “napkin” and to rub their beaks against to smooth the edges, halt excessive growth and help control minor cracks birds can get on their beaks.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

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