The Skinny on Bird Cages – Part 2

The Skinny on Bird Cages – Part 2

We’ve chatted about the components in the center of the bird cage now let’s talk about the top and the bottom. You’ll see six examples of bird cage styles below each one serving a unique purpose.

Solid top bird cages

In most cases the solid tops on an aviary serve a couple functions. If the aviary is outside it, keeps rain from falling into cage which is why you’ll always see a sloped roof.

The solid tops on many indoor aviaries have built-in lighting. Lighting can not only help show the beauty of your birds, but with a timer it can help keep egg laying under control. 

Play top bird cages

Birds like to come out of their cage – the challenge is giving them someplace to go other than a piece of furniture.

Play top bird cages provide an area for your bird to “hang out”. Play top bird cages are especially handy if you don’t have the room for a bird play stand.

There’s usually a refuse tray directly under the play top to collect poop and food debris.

Some people will remove this tray to allow more light into the bird cage. Food cups and bird toys will help keep your bird entertained and out of harms way – and they usually like being on top of the cage

Dome top bird cages

Dome top bird cages refer to bird cages with some sort of arch or rounded or unique shape of the top part of the cage.

The advantage to this design is more “headroom” for the bird. These bird cages are ideally suited for Macaws because of their long tails. In our first installment we talked about entry doors.

Large entry doors are important for dome top bird cages so you can access the interior of the dome easily when hanging bird toys and accessories. One issue with taller dome top bird cages especially with large birds is a potential problem with aggression.

Sometimes birds because they are of high can take a more aggressive stance. Read how one of our customers dealt with his green winged macaw when this happened

Fancy top bird cages
Because bird cages occupy so much space in the room manufacturers over the years have come up with different top designs. Having an attractive top of the birdcage can help make it blend better into your home. Thus a dome top bird cage can have a design that would make it more architecturally pleasing in your home.

Dual top bird cages
Some bird cages have both a play top and a dome top. Additionally many of these cages have dividers allowing for two birds to have separate living quarters. In the illustration below the birdcage offers the best of both worlds with an opening dome top and a play top and a toy hook. Two entry doors allow you to care for two birds independently. Keep in mind that having a divider in the middle the cage doesn’t mean that one bird you can’t still harm another.

Flat top bird cages
Some bird cages are simply designed for utility. On the bottom right is a good-sized birdcage with a flat top. Flat tops can be used for anything from a play area for your birds or to store bird supplies. 

Space saver bird cages
Sometimes you have more birds than you have room. Multiple bird cages that are stacked are available from several manufacturers. They can be very helpful if you are breeding and are available to accommodate both small and large birds.


Aviary with
Solid Top 
Bird cage with
Play Top 
Dome Top
Style Bird Cage
Prevue Bird Cage Door in Door with Ringbeck Parakeet birdcage with play top birdcage with dome top
Bird cage with
Two Tops 
Space Saver
Bird Cage 
Flat top
Bird Cage 
dual top birdcage from a and E birdcage company triple stack bird cage HQ birdcage aviary with stand

Five of the six bird cage above have some sort of caster. Birds are messy. Casters on a bird cage allow you to easily move the birdcage away from the mess to make cleaning easier.

Casters are made from plastic, steel and brass. They work best on solid surfaces. If you cage is going to be on carpet, we recommend putting down a sheet of linoleum or office chair mat.

This will make moving the cage easier and protect your carpeting. If your birdcage doesn’t have casters think about placing it on something like a TV stand.

TV stands also allow for storage of many of your day-to-day bird supplies and they usually have casters.

You can also make a bird cage work for you visually in your home. We took this long and narrow aviary placed it on a large antique table where it served as a room divider filled with parakeets 

We spoke last time about how cages are now shipped broken down in narrow boxes. Once in your home they have to be assembled. Typically a screwdriver and pliers are the only tools required.

To help speed things along we always recommend an electric screwdriver. If you’ve never assembled a bird cage we’ve included the video below to show you how easy it is.

Assembling today’s bird cages is easy
video bird cage assembly preview bird cages

If you want to check out all of our bird cages – click here 

Until next time

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot, Inc.

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