Bach Flower Remedies for Parrot Feather Plucking?

Bach Flower Remedies for Feather Plucking?

Are any of you using Bach Flower Remedies for issues?
My new friend (African Grey) was rescued from a bad home life and had nearly plucked out all his feathers. His tail feathers were growing in but now he’s chewing on those again. I am trying Minimalus and flax seed oil on his food as I think it could be nervousness due to lack of nutrients.
Any thoughts

I have not heard anything on either side of the homeopathic argument. I certainly would welcome your feed back as the effectiveness of the treatment.

My first question is always “has the bird been to a vet?’ you need rule out physical issue That said, it’s important that the bird be “engaged” and offered alternatives to self mutilation. I’m not exactly sure what “bad home means, but I have an idea. I would encourage you to make sure the upper 1/3 of the cage is packed with toys. So many you can’t see the bird when he’s up there Not so much for engagement but to give the bird a private area where he can feel secure.

Make sure he has at least one Booda rope perch which is “preenable” Lost of shredding stuff, drinking straw, junk mail, tamale corn leaves all offer an alternative to chewing on feathers. White noise during waking hours and a strict 12 hours of covered the cage sleep.

For more info on this issue please visit our friend Michelle Karras’ site www.thepoliteparrot.com

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