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Chicken coop cleanliness

Buff-colored Polish Laced Chicken.
In our email newsletter of 12/16/2012 found here: one of our readers took issue with a statement we posted highlighted in orange below. We are posting her response which hopefully will provide clarity in the issue
Odor control & birds
Dear Fellow Parrot Lovers: I am one of your customers and I would like to know what in the line of spray, plug-ins or other items can I safely use in my African Gray parrots room to control unpleasant odors. I’m 67 and somewhat handicapped but I clean his cage and room as often as possible. “Thanks A Bunch”   (more…)

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Researching DNA Testing for Birds

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a researcher within the University of Glasgow and I am currently compiling a case study on one of our staff members, Dr Richard Griffiths. 
Dr. Griffiths developed a PCR technique for determining the sex of birds which I see is a service your company currently offers. We are trying to trace companies which have directly used Richard’s research which is exactly as described on your website.

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