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Using Hagen Prime Bird Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Supplement.

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We’ve been getting a lot of requests lately for information on Hagen Prime Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Supplement. One of the most asked questions is “Does my bird need a vitamin”? We feel that vitamins are good idea if your bird’s are primarily on seed diet, and if you have a finch, cockatiel or parakeets we can offer you some very good tips.

First of all if you are not sure – check with your avian veterinarian and get a health evaluation or assessment. You can always give us a call toll free at 1-877-287-0810 or e-mail us [email protected] for a vet referral.
Hagen Prime Vitamin, Mineral & Amino Acid Supplement was developed for birds that primarily eat seed and is recommended to be sprinkled on a bird’s moistened food to gain the most nutritional benefit. The fruity flavor and the robust smell of Prime blends well with fresh fruits and vegetables.
One of the problems of we hear is that “my bird doesn’t eat a lot of fruits and vegetables”. For some yummy crunchy protein try sprinkling some Prime onto our Bag o bugs bird food supplement.
One of the most popular treats we serve small birds and the big ones on occasion, is spray millet. Simply moisten the millet with a spray bottle and use the proper amount of prime on the millet so supplements sticks to the individual seeds. The fruity flavor of the Prime mineral supplement will help “spice up” millet.
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You might also try to wash some fresh kale or romaine lettuce and then pat it dry ever so slightly. Spread a light dusting of the proper dosage of Prime onto leaves so some supplements sticks and then use a clip and attach it to the outside of the birds cage with just a small part of the leaves sticking through the bars of the cage so it looks as though they’re not supposed to have it. Nothing more enticing than something seemingly just out of reach.
Parakeet With Kale Prime, Bird And Parrot Info
We don’t recommend putting Prime in water because although it has a fruity aroma that helps make fresh fruits, veggies and lettuce more attractive, when Prime is placed into drinking water you get an entirely different reaction. Calcium and amino acids don’t dissolve in water and may float or settle at the bottom of the dish. Additionally sulfur molecules from the amino acids get released by the beneficial bacteria after six hours or more of being in the water. Then you’ll get a medicinal odor that can keep some birds from drinking enough water to gain the benefit of the Prime supplement. Plus you will end up throwing more of the supplement out by attempting to keep the water fresh.


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