Does anyone use the SuperPet Veggie Baskets for their birds???


Does anyone use the SuperPet Veggie Baskets for their birds???

IF so PLEASE STOP IMMEDIATELY!!!!! These are deadly for birds! They contain LEAD, and if a bird ingests just a very small amount, they can easily die!

I will gladly tell my story if you would like! My bird lived, but it has been a LONG EXPENSIVE battle! SuperPet admits these are not for birds, and told me what these where made of!


Can you expand on this Cindy?

I have a Yellow Bibbed Lory, a Swainsons/Purple necked Hybrid Lorikeet, 2 Goffins Cockatoos, and 2 Macaws. I feed a variety of foods, greens, veggies, and other foods. Several of my internet friends where talking about using the SuperPet Veggie Baskets for giving their birds veggies and treats, so I bought 6. 
About a week after I bought these, my Yellow Bib got extremely ill. She stopped eating, and got so bad that she was convulsing. We took her to an avian vet in Milwaukee, and they did multiple blood tests, and xrays. Found 3 very tiny specks in her digestive system that looked like metal. We started treatment for Metal Toxicity, and prayed.
No one expected her to survive, she was that sick. A week later the blood tests confirmed lead/zinc toxicosis. Due to alot of lost sleep, long days and nights, and lots of help from internet friends and Lory breeders, we pulled her through. We where traveling during part of her illness, so we even went to a fantastic avian vet in Chicago! 
More fluids and more meds for her, but she was slowly getting better. X-rays 1 week after the first visit showed that she had passed the specks, so we treated for another week to rid her of the lead she might have in her system. I started to go through the house to try to find out what she had gotten into. We had nothing new except for the Veggie Balls. 
On a hunch, I called the company, and the first thing the receptionist told me was that they “do not recommend these as safe for birds!” I then ask her what exactly these where made of. She called me back the next day and stated that she had talked to the lead production manager. He told her that these where made of Galvanized metal wire, welded, with electrostatic powder-coating. Galvanized and welded where HUGE warning words, as both these can contain lead and or zinc. 
I am in no way blaming SuperPet. They do not anywhere say that these are for birds, or that they are safe. I just assumed that because they where safe for small animals, and “chew-proof” they would be safe for birds also. The pieces our vet found in the digestive system where so small, that she said it could easily be a microscopic scratch in the coating. (Also, some forms of powder-coating also contain lead). 
I no longer have these in my house, and my girl is slowly getting better. She no longer talks and is not quite “right”, but getting better, and I pray she will eventually relearn to talk again. I just want to warn others in any way I can to avoid these for their birds! No One should have to go through what we did!

Free & DIY Bird Toys aka the Caged Bird Keepers Recycling Program

You have a big bird but throw out 

the 20 phone books you get every year (we get that many in Chicago) ?

phone book on chain chewed by parrot

caged bird keeper’s recycling program


Find more free & DIY bird toy ideas here


hi mitch


I use clothes pins too but i have never been able to find out what the metal is made out of. Also, do the balloon weights have lead in them as the weight?

Some great ideas i have never seen before!!! Esp. the fortune cookie!!!

Other things i use that were not in the video are: Dixie cups – just throw em on top of the cage or clip to the side with a treat. My Eclectus will spend an hour just pulverizing a dixie cup. He also enjoys destroying cotton swabs!


hi sodacoaster,

We just assume the metal in the clothespins is bad which is why we remove as illustrated in the video. Regarding the balloon weights. Assume nothing and you must ask of the origin – when in doubt – cut one open.

Dixie cups are great you can also stack them in place treats inside allowing your bird to work for food. We’re glad you enjoyed the video keep the great bird toy ideas coming.

Cheap Bird Toy - Wooden Spoon

Just add a Quick link and hang in cage


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Problem w/ Higgins Sunburst Resolved

To all Concerned:

I have received a very generous shipment of food from Higgins Premium for which I thank you all so much.

Upon opening the Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix, I see that I indeed received a badly mixed batch the first time. This bag was nothing at all like the initial bag I received. This one was full of large fruit chunks, seeds, and whole nuts.

I am so glad that you sent me a replacement so that I could see what it should look like. My blue and gold macaw Pippin dove into the new food like a vulture, snapping her way through the filberts, seeds, and fruit this morning. There were happy dances in the cage all day long today.

Thank you also for the extra bag of <ahref=”product.asp?itemid=1377″>Mayan Harvest Tikal<spanstyle=”color: rgb(105,=”” 105,=”” 105);=”” “=””>. I will be interested to see how Pippin reacts to this bag of food, as it does have smaller seeds but a very nice variety along with bee pollen, vitamins, minerals, and even lactobacillus.

I will be more than happy to revise my review on the Windy City Parrot web site to include my satisfaction with the new bag of Sunburst as well as to compliment the Higgins Premium Pet Foods customer service team’s efforts to make customers feel valued and ensure their satisfaction.

I’m looking forward to trying the new <ahref=”product.asp?itemid=1396″>Worldly Cuisines Mundo Brazil cook-and-serve food as well. Thank you for including this lovely extra gift as well.

Best Regards,

Beth S.
A very happy customer!!! 

Thank you for your kind words Beth. It’s concerned pet owners like yourself that make Higgins work harder to produce the finest pet foods possible.

Let me know if there is anything further we can do to assist you.


Dean Reyes
EVP, Director of Marketing & Sales

The Higgins Group Corp.


Lafeber’s Birdito’s are ONLY available from Lafeber’s at this time

My African Grey loves Lafeber’s Nutri-Nuts but the dyes make for cleanup issues and make it difficult to assess the birds droppings.

I contacted Lafeber and they confirmed that I cannot get the Nutri-Nuts without dyes anymore. They then came back and suggested Birdito’s as a possible option. They sent me a sample and Merlin loves them.

I order direct from their site but it is better for me to order from one place and save on shipping. The Birditos are fragile so shipping may be challenging with your method of box packing but I thought I would let you know there is a great product from a great company out there that might meet the needs of your customers. 

Eva M

I just called Lafeber’s and surprisingly the Birdito’s are ONLY available from them at this time. And mostly due to the fragility of them, by the time they would get to a distributor, then shipped to a customer, they might be crumbs. I suggested they might put them in a box instead of a bag, they liked that idea. 

Hopefully we will be getting to offer them in the future too. 

Still, let me know how your birds like them. 

Thank you

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
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312.492.9674 Fax

Additional Perils to Birds & Parrots

Friends, here are additional perils. 

  1. West Nile Virus — I bought a huge mosquito net, made to cover an outdoor gazebo, and put it over the cage and tuck it underneath, so no way can an insect get in. It is amazing how many different bugs I catch in that thing.
  2. Cold — I think you should sell thermal perches. All the birds love them, hot or cold. The older birds only want those. Medium is suitable for Amazons, conures etc. Smaller birds like cockatiels — use the size small.

I always keep a hanging lamp ready, to turn the bulb on — sometimes a/c too cold 

  1. Hunger — I got a cheap digital scale at Target – $25 – having lost young adults to starvation, without realizing it. I have had birds follow me to the kitchen, without getting the message. They needed additional hand-feeding, but I didn’t understand. VERY RISKY with tiels who have been hand fed — they are never strong compared to those fed by their parents for 100 days (what I recommend). 
  2. Late going to the avian vet — learned the hard way, traumas physical and emotional — drop everything and rush to the vet. DO NOT wait to see if the bird is better.

Cheers, Liz G

For the original article How We Kill Our Pet Birds, click here

Thank you for the comments Liz, we will post the appropriately. BTW, we do sell thermo perches


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Quiet Lineolated Parakeet – Video Lineolated Parakeets Chirping

Hi John,

Thank you once again for placing your order with Windy City Parrot. I did a little digging into why your Lineolated Parakeet is so quiet and my guess is because he or she has no may to call out to.
It’s my understanding that generally Lineolated Parakeets are quiet unless they are communicating with another Linnie.
I thought because of your visual impairment you would appreciate the sound of a couple of Lineolated Parakeets chirping, so I included a link to a video so you can hear their tiny voices. Take care

Outreach Chair for the New Hope Avian Education and Rescue

My name is Cathy Rosenberg. I am the Outreach Chair for the New Hope Avian Education and Rescue group located in Columbus, Ohio. You can visit our website at for more information about our group and our mission. We are pleased to announce that we have just gotten our official 501c3 status from the IRS. We are a rescue group that seeks to take in birds that need fostering and find them their forever homes. A bigger part of our mission involves education. We seek to educate current and future bird owners so that they truly understand the responsibilities of bird ownership and to, hopefully, prevent seeing as many birds needing to be re-homed. 

In addition to the education courses being offered by our group and our rescue services, we are hoping to give our paying members even greater benefits. We are hoping that Windy City Parrot would be willing to offer our members a discount to your store. We would hope that this relationship would be mutually beneficial. As a discount provider, we would feature your store and/or website on our page, and encourage our members to shop at your preferred store.

I would love to discuss the possibility of you becoming a preferred merchant/sponsor of NHAER in further detail. Feel free to email me ( or call me (848.702.1400) at your earliest convenience.


Cathy Rosenberg
Outreach Chair

New Hope Avian Education & Rescue


Hi Cathy, 

Thank you for contacting Windy City Parrot. All customers purchasing from our site for the first time will get a 15% discount automatically. For subsequent purchases your members can use coupon code nhp for 10% off. Please let them know they should create an account and login every time so they can are points that can be redeemed for free bird food or gift certificates. More information about our rewards program can be found here: FYI sale items are excluded from any discounts and marked with little red tags.

 Our site is loaded with information broken down by species which can be found here: 

 New bird owners would be interested in this page is it is jam packed with information:

The site has grown so large we have even included a video the best use the site to maximize your time and budget, that video can be found here: 

I would encourage members to like us on Facebook – the link is below – we post articles and videos daily We will be more than happy to answer questions with a lot of help from our fans

 Feel free to send us all of the clubs contact information so we can add it to our list of bird clubs. Best of luck to you in your new endeavor. Please let me know if you have any further questions. 


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Is Hagen Prime or Nekton S a better bird supplement?

With all of the promotions and all the products that we’ve been adding to the website lately apparently there’s been a bit of confusion about which is better, Hagen prime vitamin mineral supplement or Nekton S multivitamin supplement for birds?

First of all it’s important to remember that it if you are feeding your bird and all seed diet, you should provide some sort of additional supplementation. If your bird is primarily eating bird food pellets, you really don’t need supplementation because pellets are engineered nutrition and contain all the supplements your bird parrot will need for balanced diet.
If you are serving your bird Hagen Living World seed blend, you should most definitely use the Hagan prime because it was developed to work in tandem with Hagen bird food products. Both products have the their own proprietary blends of vitamins minerals and trace elements and amino acids. Hagen Prime also has a unique combination of digestive enzymes, micro-encapsulated, sporulated probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and various acids which slightly acidify the final mixture. These living probiotics, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, suppress the growth of potentially disease causing organisms and remain stable much longer in room temperatures.

The benefits of acidifying handfeeding food with Prime include maintenance of optimum conditions for crop lactobacillus, crop yeast and mold (candida) inhibition, acid replacement of the regurgitant usually secreted from the proventriculus of the parent bird improved digestive enzyme activity. The living bacteria in Prime produce metabolites which acidify and suppress the growth of pathogens. The net result is an overall synergistic response in changing local alimentary tract conditions to favour growth of normal flora.

Prime also has an exotic fruit flavor, which I read about but haven’t tasted. I’m not sure Nekton S taste like. 


NEKTON-S provides birds owners with a food supplement especially formulated to suit these needs. Its well-balanced composition of 13 vitamins, 18 free amino acids in the natural L form and minerals will help prevent deficiency diseases and increase the nutritional value of the diet.

NEKTON-S increases a bird’s resistance to disease and the pressures of moult, shows, acclimation, etc., as well as improving its productivity, especially during breeding. Give it daily to ensure your bird’s good health.

Because of the all-round beneficial effect of NEKTON-S, aviculturists, bird parks and zoological gardens have chosen it as a daily supplement for their birds for years with success.



NEKTON-S is a pet food supplement formulated to provide cage birds with the proper supply of the vitamins, mineral elements, and amino acids required daily to prevent deficiencies arising. NEKTON-S helps the smooth functioning of the entire metabolism and increases the nutritional value of food.

NEKTON-S strengthens body resistance, which helps a bird withstand pressure and reduces susceptibility to infection and diseases.

NEKTON-S improves a bird‘s general health and promotes proper functioning of all systems, particularly in breedingThere are a number of nutritive substances that must permanently form part of the dietary intake if an animal is to receive the correct nutrition. The lack of any one of these vital ingredients can have serious consequences for an animal‘s health and possibly lead to its death.

Bird food lines like Higgins and Volkman seed do not offer their own brand of supplements so either Prime or Nekton S would be a fine addition to your bird’s daily diet


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