Wrong Travel Ordered for Meyers Parrot

Dear Melissa

We received your ordr and uopon examinationof your order and the type of bird you have. A Red Bellied Parrot (about the size of a Meyers). the bar spacing may be too wide for this bird. 

You may before the #602 carrier at this listing


 Or even the #601


 Please take a look and see if you would like to change cages. We do not wish to send you a cage you cannot use. 

I also left you a voice mail. 

Thank you.

Catherine Tobsing

Thank you for your response. I have looked at the other cages that you suggested. If you be able to switch the cage from the original one I ordered to the #602 in white.

Thank you again for your suggestions and concerns. I was thinking of size of cage for him(red Belly parrot) and I thought he would be okay with the bar spacing, if you feel more comfortable with this cage, I do as well. I trust your experience and knowledge with your cages. This cage is for a weekend trip and we want him as safe as possible.




Seeking Lovebird Harness

Quaker parrot in bird flight suit
We have a harness for our Alexandrine parrot, which works really well for him. We also have two lovebirds in our family, and we’re trying to find a harness for the two little guys now, as our Alex likes outings so much, and we’d like to be able to extend that same privilege to our little ones, too. Your picture shows a lovebird on its back with a harness on, but the smallest size you have listed is for a cockatiel, so I’m not sure that would fit our lovies, especially not the smaller of the two, who only weighs in at 43 grams.
Please notify me if you have a harness for a lovebird, as I definitely am interested!!!
kind regards,

Dear Bernie

The Aviator Harnesses are not recommended for lovebirds. You can look at the Avian Fashions suits which do come in Lovebird sizes and add a lanyard to them. That would be the safest option.

The Flight Suits are at this link.


Thank you


Polycarbonate water bottle for birds

lixit bird water bottle installed on bird cage wall sample

Do you think there would be interest in a polycarbonate bottle for birds? It would be plastic, but could be autoclaved or run through a dishwasher. We are considering manufacturing one and didn’t know if there would be a call for one.



Sonia Wertz
Lixit Corporation
100 Coombs St., Napa, CA 94559
Sales Manager

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Tropimix Egg Food by Hagen

Dear Kristen,

Mitch at Windy City Parrots asked me to send you some bird food samples for your parakeets. Normally, we do not send sample sizes of our Parakeet size Tropican Egg Granules or Tropimix Egg Food. But, because Windy City Parrot is one of our premiere online supporters of our HARI Approved Bird Food Products, I told them I would make an exception. Therefore, enclosed you will find a 1.7 lb. Tropimix Egg Food for your young parakeets.

I would suggest mixing the Tropimix Egg Food into their normal food-and also adding a dish to their cage with only the Tropimix Egg Food. Tropimix Egg Food can be served moistened as well-just be sure to remove uneaten moist food after an hour.

In the message to WCP, you mentioned that they dig the food out of their cups. This is typical for youngsters. Yes…they are looking for something. Perhaps a food item they recognize and it’s not there. Parakeets are ground foragers and I would suggest that you offer some millet spray strategically located in their cage. This will help with their need to look for something. As millet spray and many seed based blends are insufficient in necessary vitamins and minerals, you can mist the millet spray with water just enough to moisten and dust the spray millet with Prime Vitamins. This is one of the sneaky yet fun ways in which we can get our little birds the vitamins and minerals they need– all while providing a foraging opportunity!

For more information on enrichment and care for your parakeets, please check our HARI Blog site: www.hari.ca or our formal site for the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) www.hagen.com/hari


If you have any questions on our HARI Approved Products or care for your bird, please do not hesitate to contact me. And, I hope that you continue to support our HARI Approved products through fine on-line retailers such as Windy City Parrot.


Most Sincerely,


Melanie Allen

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