Is this dome bird cage too big for Severe Macaw

Severe Macaw Parrot
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I have a question and I hope you can help? My Severe Macaw is 26 months old. I had him in a play top cage until about 6 months ago.

He is now in a dome cage. In the play top cage he would play with his foot toys at the bottom of the cage and climb all around. Now that I have him in a dome cage he will not go to the bottom of his cage. If he drops a toy or food he won’t go to the bottom at all.
The play top was 34 x 23 x 48 and the dome is 40 x 28 x 60. I s the dome cage too big for him? Please let me know your opiion. Thanks ahead of time.

Cages can sometimes be too large for a bird. Not always, but sometimes. The set up makes a big difference.
Other than going back to the original cage to see if he goes back to old habits (if you still have it), I would recommend that you add more toys, perches, platforms, toy boxes (dishes on the sides just for toys and treats) and fill it up. It may entice him to venture lower.
Are his toys mostly near the top in the new cage now with more bare area along the lower walls of the new cage? If so, he could be feeling exposed to real or imaginary predators and feels unsafe down there. If you have a cat or dog that he is concerned with that also may make him feel exposed. Again, adding more visual breaks may help.
Adding more items, perches, paper strips, bungies, Booda perches wound around lower may make him more comfortable.
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Removing Stickers from Bird Food Dishes

3 bird food dishes
Sometimes bird toys and bird cage dishes come with an adhesive sticker that will not come off with soaking or peeling. Can anyone suggest a safe and non toxic way to remove them?
Toni Parker – Vinegar and bicarb of soda scrub maybe?
Shauna Roberts – For bird food dishes and bird toys you can get wet/ wash, cooking oil or mineral oil. Soak sticker with oil, let sit for at least a minute then rub off. May need to repeat.
Billie Faye King – WD40 works too…
Catherine Tobsing – The time I recommended WD-40 to a customer you would swear I was trying to poison her birds even though WD-40 will wash off with soap and water. I value all of your opinions and want to hear it all.
Shauna Roberts – Used WD40 on a cat once that got into some sticky stuff, it came into the clinic I used to work at (retired veterinary assistant). WD40 removed the glue nicely then was followed up with a bath.
Lisa Moser – vegetable oil also……
I once cleaned 3 gallons of roofing tar out of the back seat of my fairly new car with WD40……
Catherine Tobsing to Lisa Moser- you are a stronger woman than I, I may have pushed the car off a cliff (LOL)
Lisa Moser – Hahahaha….I was in a panic…..I didn’t know how in the world I was going to explain that to my husband and couldn’t find a new back seat before he got home from work
About stickers: I’ve heard that nail polish remover takes the glue right off, but (a) it’s hideously toxic unless the item is washed really well afterward and (b) it’ll destroy some materials, especially plastics.
Lisa Moser – alchohol will also loosen adhesive
Janet Bray – razor blade?
Bonnie Jay – Olive oil or any other kind. Let it sit and will come off.
Pat Farina – WD 40 or Goo Gone or Goof Off on an inanimate object (like a dish) is fine. Would just clean off whichever you use with alcohol to remove the hydrocarbon residue – then wash well with soap and water.
Denise Landrum – Plain old kitchen cooking oil will safely remove any labels.
Christena BigRed Snowden – I did not know that. I just scrubbed, soaked, scrubbed, soaked in hot soapy water. Sometimes the OACV and water solution gets it but not always.
Sally M Amaro – I heard that peanut butter works.
Catherine Tobsing – Okay, I have heard enough to know that I am not crazy. I had a customer just lay into me when I suggested all of these options to remove the labels from the stainless steel dishes she bought and told me I was poisoning the birds, etc, etc. The dishes came back and I lost a customer. Jeez. Thank you everyone. I appreciate it, truly.
Billie Faye King – ( Did SHE have an GOOD idea of how to do it????? I guess she doesn’t understand the washing with soap / hot water afterwards to get rid of any residue left behind…..or she doesn’t want to put effort into it….the old saying “you can’t please everyone…” fits this!
Irena Schulz to Billie Faye King…you’re right…it sounds as though none of the suggestions were acceptable to her probably because it was too much of an effort.
Shari Mirojnick
Why not just leave it on? I wouldn’t assume it’s toxic. Most things like that now are nontoxic because of children putting stuff in their mouths. I usually leave the tags on my birds’ toys so they have something else to chew. I’d imagin…See More
Easy Way to Unstick a Label – Today’s Tip
Remove a label from a glass jar or bird water bottle by rubbing regular (not reduced-fat) mayonnaise, butter or cooking oil into the label. Soak the jar in very hot water for about 10 minutes and then peel off the label. If there’s some stubborn stickiness, massage vegetable oil or peanut butter into the spot until all the glue is gone. Clean the jar with soap and water.
Pat Farina – Nice to know mayonnaise is good for something! yuck! 🙂
Loretta Payne-Nelson Ice
Christena BigRed Snowden – OH DUH! I had not thought about that. Had not used ice in ages! LOL
Catherine Tobsing – These are all GREAT idea’s and I plan to put them together in a post for this issue should it come back up.
The stickers were in the very center of the bird food dishes (in the bowl) so the customer did not want to leave them there and I can understand that, I just felt she was over reacting a bit. You have all given me some GREAT suggestions and reality checks. Thank you.

What are feather stress bars? Does your bird have them?

stress bars on feather of small wild bird

If you’ve ever noticed strange lines running perpendicular (across) the shafts of your bird feathers these are what are called “stress bars”. They are particularly noticeable when your bird is molting and are harder to see if the feathers are still on the bird. 

A bird’s feathers can be a great indicator as to its overall health. The growing of feathers requires a broad spectrum of nutrients and if how the bird is getting its nutrients into it’s body is disrupted while the feathers develop, feather stress bars can be produced.

Read moreWhat are feather stress bars? Does your bird have them?

Feather Plucking Rosella

Rosella Parrot

My name is Catherine and I have a western rosella for a year now. My husband is her favourite one as she sits on his shoulder and listen to what he says.
The problem is that for a few months now, she started pulling off her feathers and we can’t stop her. We try not to leave her alone for many hours, put her out of the cage to fly and find her new toys to play but she keeps that habit on.
What else can I do? Should I bring her a male one? Please help me if you can…
Thank you

Rosella’s are not usually the best “pets”. They really prefer to have a mate. While she was young she was okay with your human husband, but now, I think she wants one of her own.
You may do her the most justice by getting her a nice big flight cage and a male. Once she bonds with the male, she will forget ALL about you and your husband. If they have prodigy, Rosella’s are beautiful and not over running rescues all over and will be desirable.
Years ago I had a female Australian Red Rumped parrot and she was a good pet, but was too friendly with the house cat, so for her own protection we sold her to another woman, but gave her explicit instructions to NOT get her a boyfriend as the bird would revert and would not be a pet anymore.
Well, later she came to me sheepishly and told me she did what I told her not to do, which was get the bird a boyfriend. The female lost her pet quality quickly and attacked the poor woman. She did not wish to breed birds so she found them a new home and started over.

Catherine Tobsing

Windy City Parrot

Large Travel Carrier Differences

bird travel carrier on casters for large parrots


ALL the travel cages are in this section of the website. 

Here are links to the wheeled travel carriers we talked about. (The grate and tray come out) 


The #612 has a picture that is the #611 (below), the #612 is larger than the #611 (see dimensions in the listing) and the door is centered in the front rather than to the right as on the #611. 


The #602 and #603 travel carriers are also good choices. (they do fold up and assemble in 2-3 minutes, no tools, please see the short video in the listing showing how they work)



 The #602 and #603 have grates that are part of the cage, they do not come out. The tray slides out below them. 

The 4 bird travel carriers do not come with dishes or perches.

Thank you 

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

What’s the Story with Bird Leg Bands?

bird leg bands on a wire
Every once in awhile we get a request for bird leg bands. Because of the variety and broad selection necessary to satisfy every birders needs it’s a category that we choose not to cover at this time.

Leg bands come in a variety of sizes and are available in plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. Leg bands are used for different purposes. Many states and Uncle Sam require permits to move certain species of birds into a given state as well as owning some exotic birds. If you do need to obtain a permit you may need a bird’s band number because it will indicate that that bird was imported legally or bred domestically.

Marbella 1″ Rings and Squares for Bird Toys – 4 pc

Marbella 1" Rings and Squares for Bird Toys - 4 pc

Product Name: Marbella 1″ Rings and Squares for Bird Parrot Toys – 4 pc
Headline: Great toy for my Cockatoo
Name: Mike P.
Location: NJ
Review: I have a plucker at home and these rings and squares are a great way to deter her prom plucking. I am very happy with my purchase and I got them quickly. I will definitely order again from Windy City
Rating: 5

Seeking Bird Cage for Handicap African Grey Parrot

Do you know of anyone who makes cages for disabled birds? I’m looking for something probably made of plexyglass for a Congo. He/she is about 7 weeks old. Has a bad right leg. He is standing on his left & seems like he will perch.

I’m going to be moving him into a plastic bucket that I can make perches for. If he learns to perch, I’ll be looking for a cage. It was an option to have the leg removed. I hate to have the leg removed if I don’t have to. It would get caught in any cage bars of the bird cages on the market. He’s a rescue that would have been put down if someone hadn’t taken him the day I got him. He’s such a sweet bird I hope to make his life as easy as possible. I really don’t want him to live in a plastic bucket :). Kathy’s Klutches

Hi Kathy – don’t over think the cage. Plexi would work against the bird physically as it would offer nothing to grab. A regular cage would be fine and if all possible the bad leg should be left intact.

A corner shelf or 2 to be installed for sure. Clear navigation paths withing the cage will be helpful – the bird will figure it out – here’s a video to help illustrate the problem as i understand it:

I wish my Congo African Greys leg was more like these big birds legs. It comes out on the side of his body about an inch from his tail & faces inward towards his body. He can scratch his head great :). I have been working it & it seems to have more motion now.

He gets so mad at it. He tries so hard to pull himself up to perch on his bucket. I’m really not sure if it will stop him. He works so hard to get around. If I can get him to learn to perch is the main thing.

I won’t let him spend his life on his stomach. Just wouldn’t be much of a life. He is supposed to be about 7 weeks old ( I was told he was 4 weeks when I got him ). He’s already so big & has a great personality. I just don’t have much experience with this & would love any advice I can get :). 

Have you thought about starting a Pinterest board with these vidio’s? Maybe save a few babies from being put down if people see how well they can manage :). Thanks for all your help

Treat him like a normal bird except for the additional shelf perches. You can also mount ladders horizontally. FYI you inspired us to create a Pinterest board for handicapped birds & parrots found here

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