What are feather stress bars? Does your bird have them?


If you’ve ever noticed strange lines running perpendicular (across) the shafts of your birds feathers these are what are called “stress bars”.


They are particularly noticeable when your bird is molting and are harder to see if the feathers are still on the bird. 


A bird’s feathers can be a great indicator as to its overall health.
The growth of feathers requires a broad spectrum of nutrients and if how the bird is getting its nutrients into its body is disrupted while the feathers develop, feather stress bars can be produced.


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What’s the Story with Bird Leg Bands?

Every once in awhile we get a request for bird leg bands. Because of the variety and broad selection necessary to satisfy every birders needs it’s a category that we choose not to cover at this time.

Leg bands come in a variety of sizes and are available in plastic, aluminum and stainless steel. Leg bands are used for different purposes. Many states and Uncle Sam require permits to move certain species of birds into a given state as well as owning some exotic birds. If you do need to obtain a permit you may need a bird’s band number because it will indicate that that bird was imported legally or bred domestically.

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