Large Travel Carrier Differences

bird travel carrier on casters for large parrots


ALL the travel cages are in this section of the website.



Here are links to the wheeled travel carriers we talked about. (The grate and tray come out) 



The #612 has a picture that is the #611 (below), the #612 is larger than the #611 (see dimensions in the listing) and the door is centered in the front rather than to the right as on the #611. 



The #602 and #603 travel carriers are also good choices. (they do fold up and assemble in 2-3 minutes, no tools, please see the short video in the listing showing how they work)





 The #602 and #603 have grates that are part of the cage, they do not come out. The tray slides out below them. 

The 4 bird travel carriers do not come with dishes or perches.

Thank you 

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

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