Removing Stickers from Bird Food Dishes

3 bird food dishes
Sometimes bird toys and bird cage dishes come with an adhesive sticker that will not come off with soaking or peeling. Can anyone suggest a safe and non toxic way to remove them?
Toni Parker – Vinegar and bicarb of soda scrub maybe?
Shauna Roberts – For bird food dishes and bird toys you can get wet/ wash, cooking oil or mineral oil. Soak sticker with oil, let sit for at least a minute then rub off. May need to repeat.
Billie Faye King – WD40 works too…
Catherine Tobsing – The time I recommended WD-40 to a customer you would swear I was trying to poison her birds even though WD-40 will wash off with soap and water. I value all of your opinions and want to hear it all.
Shauna Roberts – Used WD40 on a cat once that got into some sticky stuff, it came into the clinic I used to work at (retired veterinary assistant). WD40 removed the glue nicely then was followed up with a bath.
Lisa Moser – vegetable oil also……
I once cleaned 3 gallons of roofing tar out of the back seat of my fairly new car with WD40……
Catherine Tobsing to Lisa Moser- you are a stronger woman than I, I may have pushed the car off a cliff (LOL)
Lisa Moser – Hahahaha….I was in a panic…..I didn’t know how in the world I was going to explain that to my husband and couldn’t find a new back seat before he got home from work
About stickers: I’ve heard that nail polish remover takes the glue right off, but (a) it’s hideously toxic unless the item is washed really well afterward and (b) it’ll destroy some materials, especially plastics.
Lisa Moser – alchohol will also loosen adhesive
Janet Bray – razor blade?
Bonnie Jay – Olive oil or any other kind. Let it sit and will come off.
Pat Farina – WD 40 or Goo Gone or Goof Off on an inanimate object (like a dish) is fine. Would just clean off whichever you use with alcohol to remove the hydrocarbon residue – then wash well with soap and water.
Denise Landrum – Plain old kitchen cooking oil will safely remove any labels.
Christena BigRed Snowden – I did not know that. I just scrubbed, soaked, scrubbed, soaked in hot soapy water. Sometimes the OACV and water solution gets it but not always.
Sally M Amaro – I heard that peanut butter works.
Catherine Tobsing – Okay, I have heard enough to know that I am not crazy. I had a customer just lay into me when I suggested all of these options to remove the labels from the stainless steel dishes she bought and told me I was poisoning the birds, etc, etc. The dishes came back and I lost a customer. Jeez. Thank you everyone. I appreciate it, truly.
Billie Faye King – ( Did SHE have an GOOD idea of how to do it????? I guess she doesn’t understand the washing with soap / hot water afterwards to get rid of any residue left behind…..or she doesn’t want to put effort into it….the old saying “you can’t please everyone…” fits this!
Irena Schulz to Billie Faye King…you’re right…it sounds as though none of the suggestions were acceptable to her probably because it was too much of an effort.
Shari Mirojnick
Why not just leave it on? I wouldn’t assume it’s toxic. Most things like that now are nontoxic because of children putting stuff in their mouths. I usually leave the tags on my birds’ toys so they have something else to chew. I’d imagin…See More
Easy Way to Unstick a Label – Today’s Tip
Remove a label from a glass jar or bird water bottle by rubbing regular (not reduced-fat) mayonnaise, butter or cooking oil into the label. Soak the jar in very hot water for about 10 minutes and then peel off the label. If there’s some stubborn stickiness, massage vegetable oil or peanut butter into the spot until all the glue is gone. Clean the jar with soap and water.
Pat Farina – Nice to know mayonnaise is good for something! yuck! 🙂
Loretta Payne-Nelson Ice
Christena BigRed Snowden – OH DUH! I had not thought about that. Had not used ice in ages! LOL
Catherine Tobsing – These are all GREAT idea’s and I plan to put them together in a post for this issue should it come back up.
The stickers were in the very center of the bird food dishes (in the bowl) so the customer did not want to leave them there and I can understand that, I just felt she was over reacting a bit. You have all given me some GREAT suggestions and reality checks. Thank you.

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