Found Cocaktiel 9/24/2012 Now at Windy City Parrot

Someone has contacted you via your listing on “FOUND: IL, Chicago, Lutino Cockatiel, Sep. 24. 12”

Name: Karen R


Phone: (XXX) 555-6604

Message: I lost a cockatiel like this a few years ago. He sings if I only had a brain. It could be mine Please contact at the above number. I would love to see. If it is mine great but if it is not and no one claims it I would want to adopt it. Please let me know. I really miss my Jimmky. That was the birds name.

Dear Karen

The bird is very clean and the likelihood of it being your bird is slim. That someone found it, moved to the city and lost it near our store is just not probable.

This cockatiel is VERY quiet and does not sing. That may be due to its fear of being in a new place and once it is in a new home may open up.

It does not appear to be tame, but it may have been at one time. BUT it needs a home QUICKLY.

It is in a small cage in our store and needs to be in a larger cage soon. If you want it and can pick it up by 4 pm Friday, you can have it. We really do not wish to leave it in the small bird cage all weekend alone. You would need to bring a cage to take it home.

Please contact us immediately. 312-492-9673

Store hours are Monday through Thursday 10 am to 5 pm and till 4 pm Friday, we are closed weekends.

If you can make it during those hours let me know ASAP.

Basically, at this point it needs a home right away. The first responsible person to come will get it.

Thank you.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
906 N. Western Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60622
312.492.9673 ext 102
312.492.9674 Fax

Chicago PD dropped off this Lutina Cockatiel this morning 9/24/2012 found about 6 blocks from the Windy City Parrot Birdie boutique – if this is your bird please call us toll free 877-287-0810


Thermo Perches Warm Your Bird Year Round

african grey parrot on thermo perch
There’s a reason they call parrots tropical birds because most of them come from the equatorial region of the earth meaning that is usually pretty warm. A bird’s body temperature is about 104°
One indicator that a bird is cold is when they “fluff-up”. That action indicates that they’re trying to preserve body heat. For years, people would introduce heat lamps near the cage. The problem with the heat lamp is never knowing how close and how long to leave it on.

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Seeking Foraging Bird Toys

Fiber egg cartons make good foraging bird toy for birds.

Didn’t you tell me that you are low on “parrot foraging” toys”?. My son decided to make a couple of simple foraging toys for Danny.

Foraging toys is a vague term.
It is a bird toy that can be used to hold toys, treats, or just become torn up.
A lot of toys for parrots for years were made so they could not be destroyed like a a chain with hard beads or a heavy bell, big plastic rings, etc, they lasted forever but were boring.
Now it is realized that birds, like humans, need something to do or can become pickers, aggressive, withdrawn and a whole host of problems.
We have few plastic treat holding forage toys in stock, and do need to correct that, but we are spending so much of our stock budget on bird food and accessories like dishes, water bottles, etc, that those toys (often pricey) have been allowed to dwindle, our fault entirely.
Destroy-able toys, chew up stuff, treat holders, any info would help.
We have a foraging category and a category for free and DIY bird toys
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