How Does Barometric Pressure Affect Birds?

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Recent request for information:

Hey guys, how about putting out some info on barometric pressure, and how it effects parrots, as well the wild birds. I’m here on the east coast getting ready for the BIG hurricane and my Parrotlet is acting a bit nervous.

Hi Patricia.

We have known for a long time birds will eat more as air pressure falls. This is because birds know that they have a hard time getting food during a storm and storms are usually associated with falling pressure so by having this innate ability to detect falling air pressure to predict a storm, that gives them more time to prepare much like we do by watching television or listening to the radio and then going to the grocery store. 

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Seed Moth Eggs in Pet Store Bird food

I did review what we have used, but I already know he will love the toy, but I haven’t put it up yet. I will review it though as well. 

I do have a question….what is a regular customer in your eyes? How many purchases and what time frame? 

The reason I ask is that I have purchased 2 cages from you shipped to my former address on Holt in Boise, Idaho and a food shipment there as well. 

I plan on buying my food from you, because when I buy from the local parrot store all my food items, except the Zupreem have seed moth eggs in them. 

Do you happen to sell those nifty little traps? 



Dear Martha 

Thank you for the reviews, they are helpful. 

What is a regular customer? Well, anyone that orders from us more than once would be considered a regular customer, of course those that order often may be considered special to us, but all customers are special as we appreciate all their orders. 

I am sorry you have had problems with the food from your local pet store. We do try to not have those problems as we bring in more varieties in smaller amounts more often. This usually insures a fresher food. 

It has been a very hot year but we have not had insect issues, all of our food is sold in factory packaged bags and we rotate stock often. We are more likely to run out of something than to send buggy food. 

Please also note, all bird seed grows outside and as such has bug eggs in it. It is a matter of how it is stored (cool) and how much is ordered. A 25# bag is cheaper per pound than a 3# bag but is no bargain if the bug eggs start to hatch or the food gets stale. 

The traps can be found at this link.

Thank you

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
906 N. Western Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60622
312.492.9673 ext 102
312.492.9674 Fax


Looking for a locking stainless steel dish

Dear Susan


We received your order for the carrier.


King's Cages Aluminum Travel Cage for Birds Small

King’s Cages Aluminum Travel Cage for Birds Small

I saw in comments that you were looking for a locking stainless steel dish.


Would this be what you are looking for? 10 oz


We have these.


They also come in a 20 oz size

It appears making the 5 oz dishes now costs as much as the 10 oz dishes and the prices are going up accordingly.


We do have the 5 oz hook on if you are interested, 10 in stock.

Please contact me if you need to add on to your order. Toll free 877-287-0810 10 am CST to 5 pm CST.

Questions Regarding Bird Cage for S.I. Eclectus

Electus parrot with sign will work for food

1) I’m assuming that a 32″ wide cage is sufficient. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Yes you are correct a 32 inch wide cage is sufficient. That said we believe there is a general misunderstanding of cage sizes in terms of content found on the Internet. The size cage that a bird needs is really more dependent upon lifestyle both yours and the birds.
If your bird is going to be caged 12 hours a day while you’re at work and/or if you have a busy lifestyle a larger cage would be more humane to allow the bird to move around and stretch his wings. This relates your lifestyle as you have to make sure you have the room for very large chunk of metal to occupy the space in your home. All cage measurements on our site do not include seed guards. If you’re going to install seed guards you need to add 8 to 10 inches side to side and front to back of all the cage dimensions.
If your bird is going to be outside the cage the majority of the day and only sleep in the cage a smaller cage would be just fine in the 24 inch wide range.
2) Money is a concern for me, I would love to spend $400 on a quality powder coated white cage rather than $1500 on a similar stainless steel one, however if you told me even the best quality powder-coated brand-name cage will start to rust and need to be replaced after 5 years of use, then I will consider purchasing a stainless-steel one.
Ironically even stainless steel cages can rust if not properly cared for and there are many grades of stainless steel. A properly powder coated bird cage should provide many many years of service. The mistake that most people make is taking the cage outside and power washing it. The four corner supports of most bird cages are hollow and although they’re powder coated externally there is no coating on the inside of the tubular metal. 
Thus with the interior exposed metal having been exposed to a great deal of water a cage will rust from the inside out. This is why we recommend cleaning your cage with a handheld steam cleaner for major cleaning and enzymatic cage cleaning products like poop off for day-to-day use.
3) Which top design to you prefer? Dome? Playtop? or Victorian? I like all three, my wife likes the Victorian because it opens at the top and the design is nice. Please state your reason for one vs. another..
Once again the style of a bird cage top is much to do with your bird’s lifestyle. When you take your bird out of the cage for socialization you have to put it somewhere. Put it on the back of the chair and your expensive side chair becomes kindling.
If you have the room and/or are moving the bird from room to room you may want to consider a play stand. That said with a play top you can take your bird out of the cage and put your bird directly on the top of the cage where the bird can comfortably perch, find food and water and most importantly a tray to catch droppings so they don’t soil the top of the cage or the items within.
Birds are birds and they usually go to the top of the cage anyway but with a dome or Victorian top if they spend much time up there the top of the bars will get soiled as well as anything else in the cage in the way of a poop trajectory. Providing food and treats is more difficult as well.
Some dome top and Victorian top bird cage models have open tops and what we call drop-down landing doors is in the cage pictured below. Not all Victorian tops open up and some done tops do. Reading the cages details carefully will help you chose the right cage for your bird.
Parrot Cage with Victorian Dometop HQ 93628
Although the macaw on the left is standing on top of the edge of the door in most cases a perch is inserted between the two open doors to hold it open and provide another perch. If the bird is flighted the landing door serves a valuable purpose in allowing the bird to land on a horizontal surface reducing the possibility of trying to land on the vertical part of the cage and possibly bruising their chest.
4) If I do decide on purchasing a quality power-coated white cage, which brand is considered top-of-the-line?
All of the bird cage brands we carry are Bird safe and considered to be of high quality. Please click on the button below to read a side-by-side comparison of the three major brands that we sell.
3 Bird Cage Brands AE, HQ & Prevue-reviewed
5. I’m reading on the internet that I need to puchase a cage with at least 1″ bar spacing. Is 3/4″ ok? I am assuming not to purchase a 5/8″ bar-spaced cage.
Much like bird cage size, the bar spacing ultimately has to be determined by the bird going into it. The thought behind bar spacing is that you don’t want the bars to be wide enough for your bird to stick it’s head through and possibly get caught. I’m quick to remind people that for this to happen, because birds have eyes on the size their head, it’s rare for bird to be so motivated that they scrape their eyeballs while trying to force its head between two bars.
A topic that isn’t covered a lot is the additional gaps throughout the cage that can pose potential danger such as where feeder doors meet the cage or the spaces where the bottom grills and refuse trays are inserted into the cage.
5/8″ of an inch bar spacing is a little small for an Eclectus. Three quarters of an inch to an inch and even an inch and a quarter will be fine for an Eclectus. Two other things to consider when evaluating bar spacing are how was the space being measured? From “between” the two bars or from the “center of the two bars to the next center”? This is a little more critical for smaller birds than for larger birds.

The other issue is with narrower bar spacing you need more bars which will drive up the manufacturing cost of the cage due to the additional metal and weight.
We are currently deploying buttons in all of our cage listings to indicate our best guess for the most appropriate size birds for every cage we have on the site You will see these buttons on about half the listings now the balance of listings should be completed by the end of October to help in better selecting the appropriate cage for your bird
Windy City Parrot Defines Medium-Large Species BirdsWindy City Parrot Defines Large Species Birds
Congratulations on the impending arrival of your new bird. Eclectus parrots make wonderful family pets.

How can I keep my bird from getting car sick?

macaw parrot on toy jeep
This was a question posted on Facebook last week:

“A friend asked me what she can give her bird for motion sickness. She travels and would like to take her bird but he tends to throw up even on short trips. I’m sure there are holistic options to help alleviate motion sickness. Has anyone had successful experiences with any?”
My Response:
The problem with the diagnosis of motion sickness is it’s counter to bird. Birds are motion machines, they fly, swoop and live in moving trees. I’d try a portable air freshener (never use a de-ionzer) in the car. I think the issue is environmental ie car exhaust or air pollution magnified by a birds precision respiratory system once leaving the controlled environment of the home.
But after several additional conversations with more bird people, it appears the problem is real and must be dealt with if your bird is susceptible to motion sickness. One veterinarian online recommended to spend time a regular basis acclimating your bird to the car. Get your bird use to the vibration of the engine and a small movements of the car, do this a few times a day. He even recommended that you take your bird out of carrier and put him on one of the car seats for a few minutes. Do these things for longer periods of time progressively and start driving short distances then repeat this a few times a day until your birds acclimated to the motion of the car.
Another constructive comment came from this woman:

“I was in a rush this morning when I posted (am currently teaching and behind) but it was the booda? perches. Rope covered but have a wire in them. That was my one time experience with that bird and the perches seemed to take care of it in his case”.

She made a good point – Booda perches installed properly in a bird carrier will offset the momentum caused by acceleration and deceleration of a vehicle. So I posted a picture of the right way to install a Booda perch in a bird carrier to help make your bird’s trip more enjoyable – you can see this here: The long and the short of it is by installing the Booda perch in a U-shaped to the top of the carrier, the bird can sit at the bottom of the”U” and as the car accelerates or decelerates the bird can offset momentum by placing a foot of one of the vertical parts of the perch much like you would do if you’re riding the bus.
The ongoing Facebook thread was populated with dozens posts advocating the use of essential oils and holistic remedies. Powders you can give the bird before travel. The oils to be rubbed into their feet. Many bird owner swore these oils and powders were highly effective in curbing the birds motion sickness and avoiding regurgitation.
Not surprisingly I felt there had to be a better answer. At Windy City Parrot, we truly look bird care holistically. So after careful thought I felt the “natural” remedies recommended were haphazard because there’s no veterinary nor manufacturing standards for these substances and you could be doing more harm than good ie what if YOUR bird has an adverse reaction to peppermint oil because your solution has a higher percentage of peppermint than the one used by someone who posted above as an example?
My low tech but fail safe solution is:

If you know you’ll be travelling in a car a with a bird gets motion sickness, insure your bird has a 1/2 full or empty crop prior to travel – withhold food for 6 – 12 hours before taking that car trip. This is more humane than putting your bird through the emotional & physical stress of regurgitation.


Changes to T3 Bird Cage Liner from Prevue Pet


Prevue T3 Bird Cage Liner Paper 9 In Wide x 25 Ft Long

Learn More About T3 Paper - Click Here

Hi there,

I bought the 18″ d 14-1/2 ” Prevue Pet T3 cage liners. I have used these before and when I opened the 14-1/2″ roll it was smooth paper

The 18″ T3 cage liner has the bumps. Both rolls have identical writing over the wrapping. Is this a change or what? My previous rolls were all bumpy.



Thank you for writing Natalie,

 Originally the bumps were there to make the paper look/feel thicker, but the bumps make it more difficult to measure and cut.

The bumps also made people think T3 Cage Liners were like paper towels which meant customers expected the paper to absorb liquid in the same way as a paper towel.

By design we did not want the paper to absorb quickly (or make people think that it would) so as to allow the anti-microbial to work. After some time on the market, we increased the thickness of the paper and removed the bumps.

This did a few things.

  1. Allowed us to use a thicker paper.
  2. The paper was changed, to make it more absorbent (not like a paper towel but slow absorbency to allow the anti-microbial to work).
  3. Made it easier to measure and cut. 
  4. Allowed the effectiveness of the anti-microbial properties to increase. 

So, the removal of the bumps was done as a design and functional improvement,

Learn More About T3 Paper - Click Here

Mitch Rezman
Windy City Parrot



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