How Safe are Loofa Toys for my Bird?

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Mitch, i like the idea of the loofah on bird toys – seen a couple for smaller birds here and there. I’m concerned though because at one time there was concern that loofah actually? made microscopic cuts on peoples’ skin when used as a shower scrubbie – thereby making staph much easier to contract. i guess the birds aren’t scrubbing their stomachs with it but – if you could help calm my nerves about this i would love to try it.

Great question thank you. It’s important to keep in mind that birds crops are pretty durable anatomically speaking. Larger birds are able to assimilate shards of walnut shells as an example. For smaller (softbill) birds on all seed diets it’s not uncommon to introduce oyster shell grit to help the process of digestion within the crop. 
Birds in the wild are scavengers and will eat most anything. Domestically because we can’t watch them 100% percent of the time they somehow survive the swallowing of a wood or plastic piece of a bird toy or other objects that we wouldn’t consider introducing as part of their diet.
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