Repair of Stainless Steel Screw On Dish for Parrot Play Stands



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Hi there (and Happy Thanksgiving!)— 

I hope you can help me out.  I’ve got a perch (see “full view.jpg).  The fittings on the bottom of the cups and the posts onto which they are supposed to screw, are rusted (see “cup.jpg” and “post.jpg”).  The cups just slide loosely onto the posts.  The posts seem to be about ¼” ID and the female receptacle on the cups also seem to be ¼”.  

Is this likely a standard size, so that you can sell me new cups, or perhaps a new top unit (see “U-member.jpg”)?  (For what it’s worth, the dish of the unit is 19 ½” in diameter.)  Or do I have to bite the bullet and buy a whole new perch?  (Unfortunately, I can’t drop by your store too easily, as I live in La Crosse, WI, but it might be possible for my son, who lives in Evanston, to visit you guys.) 



 Hi Ken 

It’s hard to tell from the images if it’s the bar threads or the cup threads that are compromised. Here’s what I suggest 

Purchase 2 new cups found here: 

When you receive the new cups, dap a couple of drops of vegetable (cooking) oil on to posts to offset the rust. If the threads integrate, you’re good-to-go. 

If you still have some “slippage” you may be able to postpone purchasing a whole new unit by wrapping the post threads with a thin layer of tape ie black electrical tape. 

If that doesn’t work, you will have to replace the “U” component. 

Let me know if we can be of further assistance. 

Mitch Rezman
General Manager
Windy City Parrot, Inc.
906 N Western Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60622


Stainless Steel Screw On Dish for Parrot Play Stands - 10 oz

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