Are Remote Controls Poisonous to Birds ?

If you have a small bird like a cockatiel, all you have to do is flip your remotes over and they can’t get to the buttons.
For larger birds you need to get them out of the bird site. We all get a lot of chuckles telling stories about how I birds nibbled on the remote buttons. Generally speaking, they like the buttons because they see you play with the buttons so they want to play with “your” toys.


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The Unintended Consequences of Living with Wings & Beaks


It’s no secret I’m in favor of leaving birds flighted, especially now that I have Popcorn following me around the apartment in the morning as we get ready for work, a subject I speak about in this blog post.

I designated this past Friday as “Free Flight Friday” on Facebook and asked the following question:

“In spite of being prey animals, parrots have a great deal of confidence in the wild.

They have the absolute perfect defense – flight.


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