2mm Plastic Chain for Bird Toys Question

Plastic Chain, 2 mm (1/2" link) for Bird Toys Jewelry 2 feet
Subject: 2mm plastic chain
Im working on a special project and wanted to know the weight capacity / tension on the 2mm plastic chain
Ann D
Dear Ann As we are simply a pet supply company and our plastic chain is used for bird toys, the 2 mm chain would serve parakeets and cockatiels, little birds to nibble on, hand light weight toys, we have not have the weight test issue come up. I took a heavy item in our store with a handle (gallon jug of cleaner weighing almost 9 lb and using an S hook dangled the jug and it did not break, but who knows if it would later. 
Then I tried it on a handled bag of bird food weighing 25 lb and it broke about 4 links up. The bag of bird food was only a couple inches off the ground so it was not damaged. I have nothing else here I can try with a hole or handle This is plastic chain made in China. Not meant for heavy use and there could be inconsistencies in the links (one thinner than another), so I am sorry, I can’t help any further. You could buy some and test yourself. It is available in 2 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm. Thank you Catherine
Windy City Parrot, Inc.

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