Foraging Toys for Two Very Large Moluccan Cockatoos

I’m looking for foraging toys for my two very large Moluccan cockatoos. All the ones on your web site seem to be for much smaller birds. Please let me know if you haven’t appropriate toys.


Dear Lea
I know Moloccan cockatoos, they are very strong. It can be very difficult to find good toys for them.
There is a new trend for Foraging Toys and I am sure it is very frustrating trying to find toys hard enough to insure your bird won’t destroy it immediately.
We do carry a nice selection of Foraging toys for birds, but ones that will hold up to all Moluccans and also other highly destructive birds like Green Wing macaws, I cannot promise that they cannot be damaged by your bird.
I have had a couple of Moluccans, about 30 years ago and I was very aware of their strength.
Some Moluccans are not as destructive as others, but it sound like yours are a handful.
Now these items are not considered Foraging toys but when someone comes to us looking for strong toys, I will aim them to the Expandable Habitat Stainless Steel kebobs. 
They are VERY strong and serve a destructive birds needs well. They are best loaded with the left over toy parts I am sure you have from other destroyed toys. They then can be added to the cage and hold up VERY well.
Expandable Habitats Stainless Steel Chewable Kebob Skewer 1 3/4 Inch Ball
This would be my #1 choice.
You can make a nice foraging toy by adding a few of these coconut shells to make a place to hide treats inside them.Coconut Shell Half Hairy for Parrot Toy Parts
I recommend these beads as a base, meaning one at the bottom of the kabob, which is strong enough for a Moluccan and keeps the rod from being pushed out of the cage.
Marbella 42 mm Round Bead for Large Parrot Toys 1 pc
I am sorry, but I have only ONE GREEN bead left in this size in stock. I have to get more soon.
As far as the premade Foraging toys, I do not know if a highly destructive Moluccan could damage any, but I like these.
Paradise Foraging Ball with Chain and Bell Interactive Treat Holder
Paradise Foraging Systems - Foraging Wheel Generation II Extra Large
Chomping Chain of 7 Plastic Links - Large Parrots
Locking Stainless Bird Feeder Cup with Clamp 20 oz
Rope - 100% Natural Cotton 3 Stand Twist 1 Inch Diameter by the Foot
Now these are not all Foraging toys, but they are items geared for the big birds.
Sometimes even something simple as a phone book will please a big bird.
Free Bird Toy - Phone Books
I hope some of this has helped.
If you are looking for something in particular, please let me know and I will look into it for you.
Thank you.

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