Our Tribute to Birds in the Military

Pigeons have been used to communicate over distances since the time of Julius Caesar.
The Persians (now Iran), and even the Greeks used homing pigeons to “broadcast” news about who won the Olympics.
Homing pigeons were considered highly prestigious way back in 18th century France until the French Revolution which changed things so anybody who wanted one, could have a pigeon.

During the Franco Prussian war, Parisians used hot air balloons to deploy flocks of homing pigeons out of their city to countryside and vice versa. With the advent of micro photography in the 19th century pigeons could carry as many as 30,000 messages by a single bird.


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Bird Cage Lighting Questions
50141054 - abstract photo of flying parrot. out of focus

Bird Cage Lighting Questions

I am trying to figure out the best lighting option for my birds. I recently bought the Prevue Hampton breeding cage from you and I have two pairs of lineolated parakeets in the cages.
I am uncertain how to tell if the lights you offer are both UVA and UVB or not. I’m thinking of a floor lamp but I’m also not sure if one floor lamp will be able to get light into both cages. Can you offer any input? Thanks!

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Blue Crown Conure Bird Food Higgins Sunburst Gourmet for Conures 3 lb

 Blue Crown Conure Bird Food
I wanted to confirm I have a Blue Crown Conure and I have been ordering the following food for her, and wanted to confirm its the right food, as there is one for a Parrot and one for a Conure.
The name of the food is: 
Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Bird Food – Parrot 3 lb 
Does it matter if I get the one that says Conure or should I stick to the one that says Parrot on the packaging.

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