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Pigeon reading a GPS device
You may not remember me. I am the person who years ago purchased a California Cage for one of my parrots. We are still using the cage and it has worked out great!
In response to the various carsick remedies, I want to share something. My husband and I have had a feral Pigeon named Walter Pigeon for almost nine years now. We also had a feral Pigeon named Ginger (Ginger Rogers) who we lost to egg problems almost two years ago. They are the only two birds we have ever had who would get carsick everytime we took them to the Vet. At first we thought that it was because they were Pigeons (our first experience with Pigeon husbandry). My husband thought that maybe it was because the car was moving while at the same time they were standing still in their carriers.
We transported them to the Vet in one of those cat carriers (closed on three sides with a wire front). Then last month, we were rehabbing another Feral Pigeon who we named Streak. We took her to the Vet in the wire carrier that I purchased from your company (another great purchase). It is the one that folds up for storage. The Pigeon did not get carsick to and from the Vet. What we are thinking is that it may be the type of carrier that is used for transportation. Maybe Pigeons are claustrophobic or maybe they just need to have an open view all around. We lost Streak, the Pigeon, 10 days later. Our intention was to release her back into the wild once she had recovered from her illness, but she died before we could do that. Our next step is try the same type of carrier with Walter, our Pigeon and see what happens. I will let you know how it works out.
Grace C

Mitch Rezman

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