My Umbrella Cockatoo Just Laid an Egg while Snuggling

My Umbrella Cockatoo was snuggling with me while we were watching tv and she layed an egg on me!!! What the heck??? and what do you do with the egg??? she’s the only bird I own and only the third she’s laid.. the other two broke on the bottom of her cage…

Consider giving her a nest with nesting material and letter do her mom thing for a while – it will aid in reducing her egg laying Karen
An open cardboard box in the cage with some shredded newspaper for laying on the egg. You may want to change the way you snuggle with her and start to pet her from the neck up – Ovaries on a bird are higher on the back than we realize (which is way when see birds preening other birds in the wild they only preen the head and neck area) She’s bonding with you (and getting aroused) the way you’re snuggling ergo the egg. Also make sure she’s getting 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep by covering the cage.

Mitch Rezman

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