Cage for my grey for when I take her to the boarder

Prevue Madison 124 Rigid All Welded Bird Cage for Small Birds - USA Made


I am trying to find a cage for my grey for when I take her to the boarder. I would like it to be around 20″ square and about 29″ high. It must have three feeding stations, and that’s where I’m having trouble finding what I want. 


I would rather the top not open into a play area but that is optional. I would like to keep the cost to $100-$150 but if I can find exactly what I want, I will consider going higher. Thanks!!

Hi Veronica


In order to stay close to your budget certain trade offs need to be met. The issue is “3” feeders which you won’t find unless you’re looking at conventional “wrought iron” cages otherwise cages close to your price range will have 2 “exterior” feeding doors.


You can always add a third feeding dish but that would require the temporary care giver to enter the cage with their hand.


Here’s a couple of ideas that come to mind let me know if you need further recommendations – top can be locked and easily comes off the stand


Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend





Hi, Mitch, Thanks for your help on the cage. I had already looked at both of those cages but 3 feeding stations are a must have. Not sure why people think you’re not serious when you tell them to keep their hands out of the cage but they seem to think you must be kidding. 
My last boarder got bitten when she stuck her hand in the cage to change the paper after I verbally warned her as well as writing it on the instruction sheet in big letters and highlighting in yellow. My bird is not normally mean but that is her house and the lady is a stranger. Keep me in mind, please, (since you don’t have anything better to do Click Me!) and I will keep checking, also.
Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate all you did. 


First Prize Smart Crock Bird Cage Locking Food Dish 40 oz

First Prize Smart Crock Bird Cage Locking Food Dish 40 oz
Are they acrylic? My b-g macaw ‘throws’ his ceramic dog bowls around on the floor of his cage!!! He also can untwist the twist bottom ones!!!! Need help desperately !!! Would they fit a macaw cage??? Joan

The big birds are tough sometimes.
These dishes may help. They come in several sizes, this is the largest one. 40 oz
First Prize Smart Crock Bird Cage Locking Food Dish 40 oz
The Smart Crocks are guaranteed against damage with a registration card included with each crock.
I have just contacted the company and they state they are made of a polystyrene/acrylic resin. We will add the material to our listings.
These dishes are also supposed to hold up well against the stronger birds.
Locking Stainless Bird Feeder Coop Cup Dish with Clamp 20 oz
Locking Stainless Bird Feeder Coop Cup Dish with Clamp 20 oz
They should fit most all bird cages. The stainless one fits barred cages fine with 4 bolts
If you have used the Booda perches then you may be familiar with the attachment piece, they fit straddling the cage bars with a twist on plastic cap in the rear.
I hope this information helps.
Thank you

Is it okay to let my Amazon eat peanut shells?

Amazon Parrot
Do you think it is okay to let my Amazon eat the peanut shells?

A parrot should not eat peanut shells, that it is doing so may be from an event in its early learning to eat after being weaned, it could have been hungrier than expected and consumed all it could get into its beak, it could have been given solid food sooner than it should have. 
When customers come into the store and select toys for their baby parrots I recommend that they avoid the soft, shreddable stuff like Wesco Kabobs due to the easy ability to eat it. A baby parrot just wants to fill itself up, they have not learned what is real food and what is not yet. Later, when they learn, they can have toys that are meant to just chew, destroy and spit.
Some birds never learn and as such we have to watch them carefully and what they eat and play with. I am sure that every parrot has different intelligence levels like humans.
Like · 
Our Popcorn LOVES the fortune cookie wrappers, and will spend 15-20 minutes pulling and ripping untill the cookie falls out, then abandons the whole mes. She does not eat the cookie but like to make a mess, if we take the wrapper and flatten it out and look closely, none of the wrapper is missing, she just likes to do it.
Considering when we got her she did not know how to play at all, she now is adept at destroying a small toy with 15 wooden spoons in an hour. They lay in splinters at the bottom of her cage ignored, but is so happy to do so. It is this toy
And they are free with your Chinese meal. LOL. I want to try straws with paper wrappers next, my last parrot Sunshine LOVED them.


Can We Cure Feather Plucking (Picking)?

Talk to a person on the phone Mon – Thur 10 – 5 Fridays 10 – 4 All times CST
Email 24/7 for Bird Care and Pre or Post Sales Questions

There are many reasons that a parrot may become self-destructive. Until recently there has been very little information to help us along with our feathered friends. Feather destruction can be a difficult behavior to deal with and not all birds are able to recover from this bad habit. There are many ways however to help make your parrot happier and feel safer in their environment simply by adjusting their surroundings and improving stimuli.
If you have a parrot that is self destructive to his feathers start by taking a good look at his environment from a bird’s point of view. Is he located in front of a window? If so you should place the bird where it still has a view but not directly in front of the window. Parrots do not understand that they are in a home where the predators cannot get to them, so things they see outside are very frightening for them. You will also want to cover the back half of the cage (say against a wall) to give the bird a sense of security when perched toward the back of the cage.
This also provides much needed privacy for preening, napping and masturbation. It is important for your parrot to have privacy at his choice. Being on display twenty-four hours a day is very stressful and may cause feather destruction habits. You also want to place a perch high up in a back corner of the cage with several toys around and in front of the perch, so that when the parrot is back there he can watch his surrounding undetected as he would in the wild.
Working toys are also important. Your parrot should have at least three toys in the cage that make them work for their food. Toy manufacturers have come out with several wonderful working toys, plus you can make some right from home such as using an old pill bottle, washed, and filled with food. Fill a cotton sock and hang in cage or a small cardboard box or egg carton filled. Working toys should be rotated with other working toys so the parrot does not become bored.

Some birds will only bother their feathers during spring time because this a time of year when they would be building a nest and raising babies, so we need to increase the amount of things for them to chew during these times. If you know that your parrot picks badly once the weather gets warmer then start preparing the cage prior to the warm months by packing it with different shapes and textures for your parrot to explore and shred.
This will deter the parrot from chewing on himself. Use several different types of household items such as; adding machine tape, corn husks, paper towels, cotton socks, willow tree branches, grape vines wreaths, card board, TV guide, newspaper, tissue paper, Dixie cups, wooden spoons, whisk broom, raffia, Popsicle sticks, tongue depressors, shoe laces, straws, and also weave their leafy greens into the cage bars instead of just placing them in a bowl in front of them. Place the greens all around the cage, not worrying whether or not there is a perch in front of them.
Many parrots come from areas close to the equator and they receive twelve hours of both night and day. Some parrots are a little more nocturnal, with a parrot such as an African gray you would want to give them ten hours opposed to twelve. Where a cockatoo requires a good twelve hours of quiet uninterrupted darkness each night. If your parrot’s cage is located in a family area I suggest buying a smaller sleeping cage that you can place in a quiet area for nighttime.
Sitting on a play gym is not exercise. We need to take a better look at our birds’ daily habits and incorporate more exercise into their routines. You can have your bird go up and down stairs in your home, you can gently swing them around to make them flap their wings, or you can even toss them in the air (with proper wing clips, if the cut is too short I do not recommend this) and let them fly gently down, doing this several times in a row. You can also run around with the bird above your head allowing them to flap their wings vigorously. You can take them outside and let them climb a small tree up and down, or run in the yard, supervised of course.

There is also the option of allowing your bird flight, although this can be dangerous and you need to weigh the benefits and dangers of having a flighted parrot. When a parrot is properly exercised each day they are less likely to be problematic in the household. So sit down with the family and discuss an exercise routine for the parrot that will fit into the family’s routines. Children can be included even if the parrot does not care for them. You can have your children work with the bird inside the cage by playing music loudly and having the kids dance with the parrot. This is great exercise for both the kids and the bird. Always supervise small children with parrots.
Your parrot should receive at least two to four hours of “out of cage time” a day with at least one hour of one-on-one time with you. This is time that you spend directly with your parrot each day. This time can be broken up throughout the day it need not be all at once. You will want to be careful not to give this attention when the bird is feather picking, you will want to give this attention when the bird is being good.
If the bird is picking, distract his attentions away from his feathers before you go and give attention to him. This is very important as we tend to want to tell the bird no or go over and stop them. Instead make a noise by either knocking or clapping to distract, then praise the bird the moment it stops, and give attention. Lengthen the time between the praise and attention each time. Eventually, the destruction will be less and less if you are consistent.
Okay let’s recap; Evaluate cage location and move cage if necessary, sleep 10-12 hours depending on breed, shower daily even several times a day, working for food, toys that are easily shredded with different textures, and of course EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE!!!!!!
Courtesy of :Michelle Karras,The Polite Parrot
Windy City Parrot, Inc
Simply Everything for Exotic Birds – Since 1993


Can a cockatiel choke while foraging on a fortune cookie in a plastic wrapper?

white cockatiel foarging with wrapped fortune cookie while on bird play stand
We posted the picture above to our Facebook page on 8/22/2013) and received the following comment
“I am amazed anyone would give their bird a plastic packaging material. They could so easily choke on it”.
I thought I’d share my reply

Read moreCan a cockatiel choke while foraging on a fortune cookie in a plastic wrapper?

Goldenfeast Bonita Loco Bird Food.

More Information on Goldenfeast Bird Food  Buy Goldenfeast Bird Food
I see you carry Golden Feast products ad I am looking for Golden Feast Bonita Loco bird food. Do you have this food I may have over looked it on your site.
We do not carry that variety currently. We did a long time ago, but the high sugar content was not very popular. 

We can get it, but it would be about 2 weeks before we could get it in as only one distributor of ours carries it.
What else would you be wishing to order? if we can have your whole order shipped by the distributor we possibly could serve your needs sooner.
Thank you

Goldenfeast Conure Blend Gourmet Bird Food 28 oz / Goldenfeast Bird food Treats – Coconut Cube 5oz / Golden Feast Bird Fod for parakeets-Petite Hookbill Legume Formula 25oz. These are the items I had in my basket I was shopping because I had email saying I could get 15% off by entering parrot15. I do not usually by food online as shipping is expensive however my bird store closed and I need a new food source. What causes the Bonita Loco have high sugar content? Thank you

All of the items you had in your basket can come from the same distributor as the Bonita Loco. They could ship together from them. If your order is $49 or over you will not have a shipping charge.
The Bonita Loco has yogurt and carob coated bits and both coatings have sugar in it, like candy coating. It would be the same as the candy you would get at your health food store. It is not chocolate, but it is still high in sugar. I would consider it as a treat food, not a daily diet.
Goldenfeast’s description of this product: Nutritional supplement with no artificial colors or flavors and no synthetic vitamins. For all exotic birds. More than 40 ingredients, including non-traditional nuts and fruits. Beans are cooked and dehydrated for better nutritional absorption. Vegetables and fruits are dehydrated unless otherwise noted. Does not contain peanuts.
Ingredients: Gourmet Roasted And Raw Nuts Consisting Of Roasted Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pecans, Filberts, And Shelled Pistachios. Granola Made With Rolled Oats, Whole Wheat, Brown Sugar, Canola Oil, Natural Coconut, Sweet Dairy Whey, Oat Flour, Roasted Almonds And Honey. Sunflower Kernels, Sesame Sticks (Made With Unbleached Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Soybean Oil, Sesame Seed, Bulgar Wheat, Salt, Beet Powder And Turmeric For Color), Roasted Chic Peas, Whole Wheat, Cranberries, Kiwi, Roasted Pistachios In Shell, Mango, Papaya, Yogurt Coated Raisins (Yogurt Made With Sugar, Palm Oil, Coconut, Brown Sugar, Whey, Carob, Lecithin & Pure Vanilla), Apricots, Yogurt Coated Almonds, Carob Coated Almonds, Pepitas, Whole Star Anise Seed, Pine Nuts In Shell, Freeze Dried Sweet Corn, Freeze Dried Sweet Garden Peas, Cooked & Dehydrated Assorted Beans & Peas, Cubed Coconut, Hulled Oats, Whole Wheat.
Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein (min.) 14.25%; crude fat (min.) 13%; crude fiber (max.) 8%; ash (max.) 9%; moisture (max.) 6%
Refrigerate after opening to retain freshness.
We were asked to bring it in years ago and we did but it sold slowly. The company Goldenfeast is wonderful, their ingredients are above standard, but this mix was not as well accepted as hoped for and again the concern for the sugar content which is not stated on the package. 
If you want that variety I can order it at the same time as the other items. We have a listing that is currently turned off that can be turned on quickly. If you are interested in placing an order, please give me a call after 10 am CST toll free 877-287-0810 and I can add it to your order before you check out.
The item is $16.95 for the 25 oz bag.
You may wish to log in, start your order again, enter the other items and then call.
Thank you
Catherine Tobsing
More Information on Goldenfeast Bird Food  Buy Goldenfeast Bird Food

My bird can climb over & down the cage seed guards

Bird cage metal seed guards
My Sydney (19-yro) has finally figured how to climb over and down the bottom apron of her cage. Has anyone else had this problem and a solution other than keeping her in her cage? The four dogs tend to leave her alone but can not take forgranted..

 Having sold several thousand bird cages my recommendation would be take them off. They actually are more to clean and can be dangerous to other large and small humans and pets in the household. 
Not trying to spam you but here’s some “keep your cage area clean tips” on our website
 I am not sure how removing the apron will help John’s issue.
If birds want to climb down from a cage they will – even clipped birds can jump down from an any area above the seed guard so why introduce another layer of “un-safety”
Here’s some other downsides to the climbing over the seedguard issue
* an untrimmed nail caught in the seedguards “corner seam” as they climb down
* HQ & AE use a clip system that can come loose allowing a panel to come crashing down on the bird once the bird is on the floor
* If birds are on the outside of the bird cage to begin with they will poop on the seed guards and walk through the poop while getting down. The feces particulate will transfer to food by birds who eat with their feet
If you don’t want your bird on the floor he/she should remained caged or trained or assisted to migrate to an out-of-the-cage play stand. If you have a play top make sure there’s enough stuff to keep the birds interest

Old School Falconry Jargon Untangled

per Craig Hendee – In the case of the Peregrine only, the males are called Tiercels. Throughout history if you said Tiercel, it meant male Peregrine. The female is called the falcon. If you said falcon, it meant and was understood to be a female Peregrine. Nowdays only the purists or those with great knowledge of the history of falconry and its language would understand it as such. 
mitchr with hooded falcon on gloved hand
When the gentleman commented on the photo as “nice tiercel” he was saying nice male Peregrine, and meant to be understood as such. I know that he did it intentionally so that we would know of his level of knowledge. Very few falconers have a good understanding of the old terms and meanings. You technically should say male Prairie falcon, but many people would say tiercel Prairie falcon which is incorrect. There are intense epic battles over language on the internet which I love to see. 
Under no circumstances should a female raptor be called a hen, such as saying hen red-tail. That will bring down the wrath of many falconers who hate it. It would be female red-tail. There are numerous other names such as a male sparrowhawk which is a musket and the female which is called the spar or sparrowhawk, or the male merlin which is called a Jack, and the male Hobby called a Robin. You just have to learn them.

Male Peregrine falcon on arm of woman in medieval costume

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