Sprouting lovebird food

Higgins Snack Attack - Soak & Sprout Bird Seed with Quinoa 12 oz
I would like to find a source of seed mix for mylovebirds i can sprout. I tried to sprout some seeds for them and discovered the whole world doesn’t want their bird seed to sprout WTF. 
am I the only one that thinks that this is just wrong. my guys have a hard time getting used to eating different feed, and i want to get them into more food than just the seed in the food dish. I used to keep finches and would make a little garden in a tray with bird seed, and they went nuts when I would put in a fresh little lawn for them enjoy. 
Please help me. I feel alone in the universe, all the seed companies tout how their seed won’t germinate, and this sounds F@#%*& UP to me. what do you think?
Natural Paul

Here are a couple sproutable foods we offer.
I hope these help.
Thank you

Sun conure laid five eggs, about four weeks ago

Sun conure (Aratinga solstitialis) the lovely yellow parrot perching on the log showing its back feathers
My Sun conure, laid five eggs, about four weeks ago, and she won’t get off of them. Should i just take them away? They were not fertilized eggs.

Give her another week unless she’s not eating. If she has bedding material in the cage remove it to make it less comfortable for her to nest.  

Make sure shes getting calcium through a supplement or cuttle bone. Mix things up in her cage to get her mind off the eggs and if at the end of 5 weeks she’s still on the eggs, then remove them

Who makes this cage

Bird food feeder dish cage guard - cage name unknown
 I am trying to find out if you might know who makes this cage? Thanks! I am trying to see if they have anything to cover the holes up as I want to remove these awful guards 🙁 Thanks!! They measure 6 1/2 ” wide x 8 ” tall,
Hi Patti
Tough one – loos like a successor to the California cage company – they made an all welded cage and your cage is assembled (I can see the screw in the bottom picture)

the California cage company went under the partners started their own companies and this looks like it would be one of their products.
If you were really motivated and mechanically inclined you might look for an old cage with “feeder doors” and repurpose them to your cage
Wish I could be more help
Thanks so much!! My husband suggested that we get a type of plexi glass(plastic) at Lowes or Home depot, he can cut it out to fit over the openings and bolt them into place! I think it’ll work!!! You are so kind to reply. love Windy City parrot! Thanks Mitch!!

plexiglas will work just remember it dirties quickly and small birds will fly into it – less of an issue with medium size birds and up

You can drill holes thru pelxi and then use cable ties too at the top and then you could also try to use that small rectangular piece with a screw (in the middle picture) as a locks for the new doors
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