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If you have or are thinking of getting an Eclectus parrot, this is the go to site. You will find subjects covering everything from general care to Eclectuscentric recipes, an art gallery humor and even Eclectus movies
A robust site providing information on anything cockatiel related. Cockatiel diets, cockatiels that bite, taming cockatiels, egg laying females – the list is endless
Current and future African Grey companions would do well to spend some time on this site with hundreds of threads devoted to our grey feathered friends

Many Feathers
When somebody calls seeking information and they say “I have a macaw” we will always asking what kind? Between large and Mini Macaws there’s probably more than 2 dozen species of Macaws but the hybrids add whole new dimension. Guaranteed to be a lot of fun with some birds you’ve never dreamed of.

The Hagen Avricultural Research Institute founded by Mark Hagen (the developer and man in charge of ensuring the three brands of Hagen bird foods are the top quality). This website gives you a tour of their breeding facility (more than 250 breeding pairs are assessed daily for overall health), tips from the staff veterinarians, useful information sheets, research papers, tips form the (on site) vets among other tidbits -definitely worth the click.

The American Federation of Aviculture
As stated on their website, the AFA defines anyone keeping exotic birds in captivity as an “aviculturist” but AFAadvocates that this designation carries with it certain responsibilities transcending those of the owners of domesticated pets like dogs and cats.AFA believes holders of exotic birds need to be aware of the special needs of the species they hold, be aware of their conservation status, up-to-date research findingsenhancing the well-being of the birds, and the state and federal regulations pertaining to exotic birds.

Need to find a birdcentric vet in your hometown? Here’s a page that searches for all the avian vets in your area. Welcome to the Association of Avian Veterinarians.
Parrot Alert 911
We’ll tell anybody with a bird who has clipped wings God intended birds to fly whether or not they are missing a few feathers – accidents happen. Popcorn our rescue Cockatiel was fully flighted when we found her so she must’ve escaped. God forbid you should lose your bird or if you find an exotic bird this is the website to post information.


Webring is about discussions and information relating to your hobbies and interests it’s a huge site with the proverbial something for everyone. This link takes you to 23 “ring communities” relating to parrots. Some rings cover specific species like African grays and some are universal like “parrots on the web” It’s been around long before Facebook and there’s probably a community waiting for you to join.
A great resource in your area can be local bird clubs. The largest list you’ll find of bird clubs both national and international can be found right on Windy City Parrot. Want your club on the list? Reach out to us onFacebook
At the risk of tooting our own horn, whether you’re a fan or not, stop by the biggest fan page on Facebook dedicated exclusively to the feeding and care of exotic birds – WindyCityParrot.com

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