Does My Male Cockatiel Need a Bird Friend?

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Hello… love your posts. Question…we have a male cockateil. He’s about 9 – 10 years old. He’s happy, healthy, and very cool. I think he need a bird friend though. Do you recommend another cockateil. Thanks much. It’s so nice to have an expert to ask.

Hi MaryAnn – thank you for the kind words. It’s important to remember that currently you and others in your family are your cockatiels, “flock” by introducing a new bird into the family you may lose your current bird as a “pet” it also depends upon how much interaction you have with your bird. We have a lone cockatiel that we’ve only had for six months, but she’s with us all the time, including coming to work with us daily so she’s quite happy. If youy bird is alone for long work days, then yes, perhaps a second bird may be in order again. There’s no predicting the outcome of the relationship

Thank you so much for your advice. PB is very social. He used to be out of his cage a lot at my daughters. She had dogs that liked him and would never harm him. I can’t say that about one of the dogs here. She’s always stalking birds outside. She seems to like PB. Once when he had one of the nightscare fits she went over to his cage and literally seemed to be telling him he was okay. Anyway, long story short, my daughter divorced and we ended up with PB. He sings, he barks like a dog, gets them all stirred up and I actually think at this point he thinks he’s one of them. He’s in the living room and we are in this room a lot, me, since I write I’m the room 10-12 hours a day. 
I guess since I know dogs like other dogs around and horses are herd animals that I thought he might like a friend. Thank you again for your advice.

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