Are parrots, the god-feathers of social media?
81481999 - blue and yellow macaw, ara ararauna

Are parrots, the god-feathers of social media?

“THERE’S YOUR SIGN,” Bill Engvall

“My parrot is smarter than your Facebook developer,” mitchr

First of all I want to say that I’m proud that we went social media silent over the 2014 Christmas and Hanukkah holidays.

It’s time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends not stare into electronic boxes with glass windows to the universe. We all put our devices down for the holidays, right?


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The Disconnect Between Avian Vets & Birds


I have a question and thought perhaps you might know the answer. I am also a strong proponent of flighted birds. I was wondering if there is any scientific data on whether flighted birds are less likely to pluck?
It would seem to me that being able to fly produces a more confident, content bird, so it stands to reason that it would reduce feather plucking. Our vet said birds in multi-bird households are less likely to pluck as well (but I am not so sure I’d recommend that publicly as it takes a LOT of sacrifice to care for a whole flock!). He said that there is something they get from each other that they don’t seem to be able to get from us.

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