Opinion on best food for Bourkes

I have two American Parakeets and two Bourkes parakeets, both male and female, non-breeding pairs. I want to optimize their health as without encouraging breeding. The ‘regular’ keets are more active than the Bourkes. There are several parakeet blends including some Australian blends, can you recommend one that would be good for both species?
Dear Tracy
We have had very good luck with the Goldenfeast Australian Blend.
Item Id: 31501461270
It can be used alone or mixed with Goldenfeast Parakeet mix
Item Id: 31501461060
Beyond that we have a good basic Parakeet mix by Volkman
Item Id: 31502331031
Another good blend is
Hagen Living World Budgie
Item Id: 315015010011

Mitch Rezman

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