Can My Bird Safely Eat People Food?

My parrots love eating any kind of fruit or juice, nuts or seeds, but aren’t interested in any other kind of food I think is good for them. How can I change this?

This article is written with the understanding that you are providing a high quality formulated parrot pellet to your bird. Seed diets are ok but many nutrients are lost from “vitamin fortified” seed diets when the hull of the seed (where the vitamin fortification is applied) is discarded by the bird. We advocate a multi vitamin supplement to insure optimal nutrition with an all seed diet.

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Can My Bird Eat Dairy Products?

It’s important to remember, that although birds are warm-blooded unlike mammals, they hatch from eggs. The placenta is the delivery system for mammals providing nourishment to their embryos. Colostrum is the substance mammalian mothers produce which provides antibodies and essential nutrients for newborns.
Within a few days mammalian mothers produce milk which is a combination of water, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and other nutritional necessities. Mammals produce enzymes (lactase) which enable the digestion of lactose. 

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The skinny on air purifiers for birds

Your science lesson for today is a brief refresher on how birds breathe. When you and I breathe, air flows in AND out of our lungs. Air sacs in a bird’s chest allow air to flow one way through the lungs. Mother Nature provided benefits to using this unidirectional airflow. The first benefit is air moving through a birds lungs, is mainly fresh air which means it has a higher oxygen content.

The second reason is if birds had bi-directional airflow through their lungs they would rise and fall as they flew much like a submarine taking on and releasing ballast to submerge and surface.


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