Blue Front Amazon with Yeast Infection in Beak

I have a question for you. I know you are not a veterinarian but I want to ask if you have had any experiences with your birds having a yeast infection (thrush) in the area of their beak? I have what I consider to be the absolute best avian vet in this part of the country and she had made great progress with helping my 50 year old + Blue Front regain his health but we are still fighting this issue with thrush located in the inside top part of his beak. Just curious if you might have encountered this issue at some time and if so what was the cure so I might discuss with her?
Off The Record and Thank You,
Carl Bryant
Hi Carl
Start here:
and please consider
Hope that helps
Mr Rezman,
Thank you for the information. I believe we are on the right track as I have seen vast improvements with Sambo’s health, energy levels, reduced discharge from his nostrils and apatite during the past 3 months. I will discuss the two products with my vet for consideration for his long term care and health. I’ve had this guy for over 35 years, know him to be over 50 years old and darn it, I want to keep him around until after I am gone.
I really appreciate the information and it is great to have a source from which to acquire such needed information. You folks at Windy City are GREAT.
Thank You and Have a Great Week,
Carl Bryant

Mitch Rezman

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