7 Edge of your seat tantalizing heart pounding bird bathing videos

don’t blame me. marketing said to use that title.

Parrots in the wild bathe by receiving a gentle misting on a regular basis simply by enjoying the rain. In this video you’ll see a Lorikeet in Australia having a wonderful day sucking nectar from flowers while bathing courtesy of Mother nature. One-way Lorikeets get nutrition is just like Hummingbirds, from the nectar found in flowers.


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6 Bird safe all natural home made human mosquito repellents & we explore the safety of citronella mosquito repellent in a bird’s world

File under something like “life imitating art or nature”? I don’t know how you can tell them apart (unless you know to look for the female’s proboscis) but it’s interesting to note that only female mosquitoes bite, males do not. They both need some sort of nectar to sustain themselves but the females need blood to lay their eggs.


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