The distinction between an avian veterinarian and a vet that will “see birds”

Pop quiz: it’s 7 o’clock on Saturday night and your pet has a veterinary emergency – what is the number you’re going to call?
Let’s start by setting aside the myth that all veterinarians can deal with every species of animal found on Noah’s Ark. Let’s talk about the path to becoming an “avian” vet.
Your new or soon to be, avian veterinarian’s learning emphasis will initially be on domestic animals (mammals), dogs, cats, cows, horses and so forth but if they want to learn exotics they have to elect to take additional courses.

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How droopy wings sent us flying to our avian vet this morning

We keep the apartment at a cool 65° but Popcorn has an oil filled heater next to her cage and old-fashioned mercury thermometer next to her cage so we know that she’s in a temperature comfort zone. 

She had been spending a lot more time in her bird cage – subdued. we attributed it to the cool apartment meaning she Enjoyed staying warm in her cage 

I had run errands earlier and when I got home she had moved from one of her Booda perches that she sleeps and spends most of her time on to her heated perch. I didn’t give it a second thought. 


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