lotsa luminous lucent lustrous lovebird luvin’ videos

What do we know about lovebirds? Mainstream publications will tell you there are nine species of lovebirds but there have been so many mutations that’s hard to say.


Lovebirds are primarily from the continent of Africa along with Poicephelus parrots and African Grey parrots – the grey-headed lovebird is native to Madagascar.


One protocol is that because you have a strong monogamous bond it doesn’t necessarily require a mate to be happy. That said, when two lovebirds have a strong bond they can make it much harder for the human (two’s company; three’s a crowd) to socialize with the pair


Love bird couple feeds each other


These birds average from 5 inches long to 6-1/2 inches long and weigh 40 to 60 g – right in between a budgie and a cockatiel weight-wise.


Lovebirds, much like cockatiels, are considered prolific egg layers.


Even though they are smaller birds they should really be provided a larger cage 2-1/2 to 3 feet wide.


They can socialize easily with humans but if you don’t take the time to do so you’re probably going to end up with a pair of “scissors with wings”

In the wild lovebirds live in holes.

these are feral lovebirds living in cactus in Arizona.

Enjoy the videos


Lovebirds Shredding Paper


how you can tell you the sex
of a monomorphic lovebir by watching this video


Agapornis nigrigenis (Black cheeked lovebirds) at Welt Vogelpark, Walsrode


Black-collared lovebird or Swindern’s lovebird (no video available – sorry)


Black-winged Lovebird / Abyssinan Lovebird


Fischer lovebird taming process first week


Agapornis Canus (Grey-headed Lovebirds)


Erdbeerköpfchen, Agapornis lilianae, Lilian’s Lovebird


Peachfaced Lovebird Talking


UNBOXING red-headed lovebird ‘ALLin1ish BUDGIE WHISPERER’


Violet Personata Lovebirds of Syed Ovais Bilgrami


Tame lovebirds DF violet turquoise and SF violet Turquoise Opaline


UNI by The Lovebirds


Yellow collared Lovebird


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Are Mini Macaws The “Second Bananas” Of Macaws?

noble macaw parrot sitting on man's hand

A follow up to The Ultimate List Of 43 Macaw Species With A Focus On Large Macaws

Not a day goes by that we don’t get a call at the Birdie Boutique beginning with, “Hi, I have a Macaw”, which for us always begs the question “What kind of Macaw”?

Granted the majority of Macaw calls that we get are for the larger variety of Macaw’s, but the Mini Macaws are great birds and their popularity is growing.

Read moreAre Mini Macaws The “Second Bananas” Of Macaws?

The greenwing macaw blue front amazon rescue caper part 2/2 – Homecoming

Paco likes to sleep hanging from his beak


The tail starts with Paco (Blue-front Amazon bottom)

& Quincy (Lilac crown Amazon top) at Robin’s home in Indiana.



The Amazons aren’t lonely they have Coco



and Danny, Sandy (from GREASE) Donny & Marie (as in Osmond)



but Robin seized an opportunity to rescue

a Green wing Macaw named Casey

(if you can’t see the video below you 

have to friend Robin Demaree on Facebook)











and another Blue front Amazon named Allie


the chatter leading up to the rescue 


You made me tear up Mitch. I am glad to have thought of contacting you, so much. I will print your page and be mindful. Quincy my Lilac and Paco my Bluefront, are not normal in any way on anything I have read about Amazons. After going thru the mating season, I believe them to both be males. Paco mounts a Mr. Bill toy and Quincy bites at his feet until I give him a toy. In 1 1/2 years they have never tried to mount each other although they will stand there and chatter when their hormones are strong.


Quincy is sweet and timid but is the leader of the flock after me of course. He, likes Paco, Paco adores Quincy but after we play when I get home, Quincy wants to sit on his play stand and play god. Paco wants to play with me or my dog Coco and be where I am. Paco is literally unafraid of anything and I mean that.


If a T-Rex walked in my door, he would be “bring it on buddy”. At the same time, he is sweet and adjusts to animals, people and really anything very quickly. I do believe the small Blue front will be a perfect playmate for Paco they both seem A.D.D. and fun and crazy with Triple A personalities. I will bet my life that they become playmates within two weeks and I will not lose my place at all with Paco as my birds will still have one on one.


I often pet sit neighbors animals including birds so my kids do not get phased at all by anything really that walks in. Our drywall is safe, had that tested, our home is not yet 10 and I had that checked when I got Quincy.


I will keep you on speed dial just in case. My birds are never unattended ever! If no one else is home and I have to go to the bathroom, I bring the dog with me and Quincy on my shoulder. I do not worry about the dog getting the birds because they play ball together, I worry about her getting too close and losing the tip of her nose.


Thanks again a million times for your articles. I will see how these birds do and if after 60 days any of them are unhappy in anyway I will be searching for a forever home for the new ones as I told the man I would do but I would never sell them for profit or separate them out or adopt them to non parrot people.


I already have a customer in Florida that said she would drive to Indiana to get them who is in her early 40’s and has a Macaw and a Conure so she would be perfect if I fail to make this work. At the very least, they will have fresh fruits and vegetables again and have exercise should they choose to play chase and peekaboo which is my Amazons favorite.


If you saw my fb page I have pics and videos that would make you shake your head. My birds run the house, I am just their maid and playmate. The second my feet hit the floor from work, I say hi to the humans and start the bird meals which have to be fresh every night. I have to STEAM the vegetables that they do not eat raw. If I microwave them, they can tell and will drop them out of their dishes. After dinner we play. Then dessert of bananas or sometimes fresh Mozzarella weekends fresh on the corn pop corn. We hang out, sing, dance then they go on their play gym until they get tired and fussy then off to bed.


My boys are my life and they are my priority. I do Am lost at this point I just hope the new additions work out great, if not, things will still work out and I will always do what is best for any animal feathers or 4 legged. Not mother Teresa in any way but I did volunteer all of my high school years in an animal shelter and that was when they put them down immediately.


Why the majority of humans do not see that birds are more human than they realize, is beyond me. I will be picking up those ear plugs already probably too late for me Paco training kind of made me deaf and if I leave his sight he screams and your last tips and tricks has not worked for that problem so I just ignore him and hurry the heck up to make it stop LOL! xoxoxoxox Robin


Mitch or other staff: One more question then I promise not to fill your in-box unless I get in a real pickle.


The birds and their cages will arrive Fri or Sat. They will be in carries. I plan to have fresh fruits and nuts at the ready I use fresh Pine Nuts and peanuts as training treats. When I went to see the birds, they accepted grapes from my hand. I did not try to handle them, they did not lunge and were curious but I know better than to push yourself on a bird. My question: I thought I would have Quincy my Lilac on his play stand and Paco on his play stand when the birds arrive. I will put Coco dog in my room or outside until the birds have calmed down. They also have a dog so once they are relaxed some, I will let Coco meet them.


I was planning to let the Blue Front out first and place her on the play gym, then put on my leather coat which has a cast under it and see if the Macaw will step up to get out if she does not seem to be totally stressed offer her treats and see if she will not stay with me. Their current care giver and his sons will be there but I thought they could be out of sight and I am thinking it may be better for me to be the one to remove them if they will let me. If the little one gives me a few hits, not a big deal, the Macaw, I will have to be very very careful. Thank you for the good wishes! Robin



I would advocate keeping Paco in Quincy in their cages for the introduction to reduce the chance of four panicked birds – Keep the questions coming this is great stuff.


Images and or video of the introduction would be greatly appreciated and I would make it with your while


Talk soon


I will be ordering some pellets this weekend from you. A local lady farmer here has a greenhouse and grows organic and hydroponic fruits and vegetables she also has 2 Cockatoos. She is a weaver and makes her own fabric as well as bird toys. I buy food for my boys from her. The toys are pricey but all natural and if she colors any it is with dye from food. Plus I am supporting local farmers Her husband made me a Macaw stand of PVC so toys, stands and adoption fee I will be at about 1k this week.


Oh well, worth every penny just to have the experience and hope they are also my new kids. Quincy is free flighted, Paco has been able to fly for a year and while he no longer drops like a stone, he has not been able to take off. I don’t think he was ever able to fly. He is 21 Quincy is 8. Just this past week, I placed him on a pillow and tossed him up and down gently, he is starting to flap and I say good boy, but this may take awhile.


When I get there I will send you that one! October I got a 2 year old Australian Cattle dog mix from the Shelter (Coco). I will have to get a video of her and Paco playing for you. Coco pushes the ball to Paco and Paco pushes it back.


Sometimes Paco holds onto it to long and Coco freaks cuz she wants it thrown or tossed, I always laugh and so does Quincy. Of course I am right there to protect Coco in case Paco decides he is sick of that and goes for the tail or paw. It is all good. You will have to let me know how I can send you photos and videos, I could mail a CD to your address I suppose. Last mating season, I got a real good ex-rated porn video of Paco “doing Mr. Bill” I bet Saturday Night Live would crack up at that one, but would not embarrass my poor Paco.


At first, I thought he was just playing, so I started taping, it became pretty clear pretty quick what he was doing and all I could do was laugh and feel bad for poor Mr. Bill. This year, I may get a little curtain so he has some privacy LOL! I had better scoot, Paco and Quincy are both down on the ground, pecking at my mouse which means time to play hide and seek for awhile. They love for me to jump out and scare them! 🙂


I am counting on my boys to show these new kids how to behave, play, have fun and to be loved and spoiled and to just be. 🙂 I think the little cutie will join in pretty quick, if the big one is as smart as you say with that big brain, hopefully she will decide to join in very soon. She will have to allow me to move her around on my Polly , but I will not force her to do anything she does not want to do. I just hope I am fast enough to avoid missing ears, eyes, or fingers but my whole right arm is damaged for life from Paco so a few more hits will not make much difference! Worth every strike to see him now. I couldn’t love any bird more and he is the most work and the craziest super high maintenance but my best friend forever and ever! No new bird will take his place but I have enough love to give and my sanity and social life has been gone for the past 4 years any way because I will not leave my birds even for a weekend. Sick I know ! I will put you on one of my first people to update when I get those gorgeous orphans in my front door!


DrG • 8 days ago

Wow – Mitch, you’re being SO diplomatic! I have many years of experience with parrots and the scenario described above looks to me like a disaster in the making. So many times I’ve seen good-hearted people who can’t bear to see a neglected parrot take them home, one after another. Before long, when the parrots continue to do what parrots naturally do when stressed (scream, bite, pluck, fight, and dismantle the house and everything in it for starters), the poor parrots end up back on Craigs List or in some other adoption program. Again.


Besides this, between the cost of “normal” parrot supplies (cages, food, toys, cleaners, etc.) and the additional cost of having constantly to replace household items, not to mention furniture, clothes, walls, curtains, etc., the financial burden can become unsustainable. And parrots require a LOT of attention when they are not completely stressed, but when they ARE stressed, they require (and DEMAND) your complete and undivided attention at EVERY MOMENT. One has to have a lot of patience and a very calm mind in order to cope with this.


And do I even need to mention the cost of veterinary care?


What to do? I’ve had to say “no” to people who call me about homeless parrots over and over again, and it breaks my heart every time, but I know that to overburden myself with an aviary of stressed parrots would indeed reduce me to the status of zookeeper (and a poverty-stricken one at that), and it would seriously degrade not only my own quality of life, but more importantly, the quality of life of the birds I already have. So I constantly refer people to my local parrot group and their adoption process, and this is what I would recommend in this case, too.


On another note, thank you for keeping everyone posted about Popcorn. Along with everyone else, I’m really pulling for her (and for you and Catherine) and sending all of you good wishes and healing thoughts.


– Susan M


I try not to pass judgment (kinda) only to counsel



Hello Dr. G,

I read your comment completely as well as the advice and forecasts from our Mitch who also has much humor. Be re-assured, while I may not know what this Macaw will bring, after 4 years of being Quincy’s mom and 1 1/2 years with Paco I do have an idea.


If I have not given up on my Paco, I will not give up on these birds unless we are all miserable and only time will tell. Paco was literally almost dead when I brought him home. He was meaner than a snake and chased my husband around with blood on his mind. Now he is a perfect little man. Since August 1, of 2014, there were only been 3 days when I did not bring my birds downstairs. 2 for the flu and a work seminar the other. 


They are part of the family and are actually down on the floor more often than not to play. With help of Mitch and his site, my insanity, love, patience, common sense and trust, Paco is now the most wonderful, happy, healthy funny man of the whole house. The scars, hearing loss and more bruises than I can count, were worth every single one to see him now. I am with my birds every minute I am awake and home and all weekend.


I do appreciate this post though, as I know that this does happen to so many birds, or people purchase them to put in a cage and look “pretty” . Rest assured, this will not happen to these birds in my care. I am confident that my birds should adjust just perfectly, as I will never stop loving them or giving them their time and they are so used to having so many visiting animals and people in the house, they adapt very well. I am convinced it is because they trust in me and know that I will protect them and always watch out for them. I already have no life, adding two more, will not be taking too much more time except the stress of watching the four of them when I do let them near each other to try to play.


Do wish me luck and I told Mitch I would post pics and take a video for him. I just posted a cute fb post today where Quincy, Paco and I were playing hide and seek Sunday. Paco found a good new spot under the TV cabinet but Quincy and I found him right away because he cannot be quiet! LOL!


Thank the Universe for the animals that bring us joy.




Wishing the best possible outcome for this new situation. As a foster parront, I’ve found that keeping the new birds separated from the established flock at first (usually a few weeks) while they get to know me works best. Then I bring members of my flock individually to sit with me and meet the new birds (they are in their cages for the first few meetings.) They are never left alone, and lots of treats and love are given to all. The key is to go slow and give so very much love while the new birds are learning your household routine and discipline (aka “Mom” / “Dad” voice). Good luck!



WindyCityParrot Mod  Tarsa13 • 7 days ago

Great advice Tarsa13 thank you


AvatarRobin Demaree  Tarsa13 • 6 days ago


Thank u and love that u foster. When I retire that is my wish. These I hope will b my family. I havent been away for a vacation in years because I love my birds too much lol.


Robin Demaree  Tarsa13 • 6 days ago


Thank you Tarsa. Glad to hear you are a foster! Bless your heart. That is my dream when I retire. I hope these kids will be a part of my family, but if it doesn’t work for my kids or them, I have crazy Parrot people in mind who are willing and wonderful. I have not been on a vacation or even a weekend away for years, because I love my birds too much! (Sic). Not too many of my neighbors want to play hide and seek and peek a boo or cook birdie meals every night fresh, twice on weekends I will see how it goes, as I pet sit often dogs, cats snakes, birds, you name it. My boys are always downstairs when they arrive. Worst I think will happen is Quincy will fly and do his laps. My daughter will be right with me though. If they seem to freak, she will take them upstairs. Wish me lots of luck and that I come out of this meeting with all of the body parts that I am going into this with! lol!


Robin Demaree • 7 days ago

Thank you for the well wishes and also for the warnings. No worries. If these new Parrot kids affect my current kids after 60 days or they seems unhappy, I already have perfect parents for them picked out so they do not go home to home. I would not take this on if I thought I could not make this work. I have purchased those ear plugs Mitch suggested though. Will update soon when the kids arrive!



WindyCityParrot Mod  Robin Demaree • 7 days ago

when are they due?


Robin Demaree  WindyCityParrot • 6 days ago

Supposed to b this fri or sat as I needed time to move furniture left my birds play area ahere it is just adding to it. Still trying to figure out how to keep dog aeay from cage without blocking Macaws nee


Robin Demaree  WindyCityParrot • 6 days ago


Supposed to be this Fri or Sat as I needed time to move living room furniture. I have left my birds play area as is, just extending the new kids on that whole wall apart from each other I may have to postpone yet one more week as I need to make something so my dog Coco cannot get near the cage and at the same time, not block the Macaws new view. Coco will not hurt her and the bird is used to a dog but cannot chance coming home to a dog who has bled out. My living room is not the largest. While we can live with the right wall looking the a zoo a few months, I am trying to come up with something not too tacky looking and safe to keep the dog from having her nose up against that cage. Good Grief Charlie Brown! I will post when we have a confirmed day.


What the heck are Poicephalus parrots anyway? Check out the videos on (almost) all of them.

In answering a question in this week’s Birdie Brunch about a Meyers parrot I thought we would look at the entire species of Poicephalus parrots

This includes Senegal Parrots, Meyer’sParrots, Jardine’s Parrots, Rueppell’s Parrots, Red-bellied Parrots, Yellow-faced Parrots, Brown-headed Parrots, Niam Niam Parrots and Cape Parrots

The African Brown Headed Parrot
Mali (cape parrot) chattering and being cute!
Baby Jardine’s parrot playing on back
Meyer’s Parrot Talking
Niam Niam (Poicephelus) parrot (no video – sorry)
Priam Psittaculture Centre
Red-bellied Parrots (Poicephalus rufiventris) priam.com.au
Baby Ruppells parrot, eating half a grape
Senegal Parrot – Squishy in backyard talking
Not to be confused with a DYH
or Yellow front Amazon parrot from South America
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Why & how the TSA fondled my underwear before flying on a big silver bird

Let me state unequivocally. Unless there is some sort of geographical – emergency I will never fly commercially again. You can look at my LinkedIn profile and see that I spent my youth repossessing aircraft. I don’t mind flying – it’s the getting there commercially that’s annoying.

I was excited about going to Global Pet Expo in Orlando Florida even though I would be spending only one day at the show. I briefly thought about riding down on the Rocket but that would’ve added two additiinonal days I could not spare at this point in time.

Some of you may remember almost a year ago I made a 3300 mile round trip Rocket (motorcycle) ride with the goal of facilitating a plan for my mother’s move back to Chicago. So 2300 miles wasn’t out of the question.

I know I’m already sounding erratic as usual and so to tie up a couple of loose ends, when I took the motorcycle ride down to New Mexico I didn’t know what was going on so I also bought a “Non-refundable” round-trip air ticket which was expiring two weeks from now.

That was the nail in the coffin on the Rocket ride – free airfare – $166. Cheap right? I also decided I wanted to check a bag which is really with this rant is about. Extra bags are $25 – each way on Delta – not what the rant is about.

I had not been to Orlando for 20 years and never to the convention center which dwarfs McCormick Place in Chicago. I figured I’m going to a tradeshow – the hotel website Indicated it was close to the convention center but failed to disclose it was between the convention center and the airport and I literally ended up spending more on taxis than I did on the fricking plane ticket – Very steep learning curve – Car rental next time.

I am certain prisoner intake at Cook County jail is friendlier than going through TSA airport screening. Besides the long lines they use to arbitrarily pick people like me out of the line and have them take off their shoes.

Now everyone over the age of 12 has to remove their shoes and I wear Carolina 8823a logger boots with an 8 inch riser. The notebook computer has to come out of the computer bag go into a separate tub so basically between the computer by itself, the boots, the jacket, the computer case, the wallet and all the other crap you have to remove from your pockets it necessitates three tubs.

Men are required to remove their belts. I don’t wear a belt, I wear suspenders, those could stay on. I guess that means that IF you want to sneak contraband you should wear suspenders and not a belt somehow weaving it into your suspenders? I went through some sort of biometric 3 second body scan in a tube designed for a Schwarzenegger film – and so did everyone except for the children. The final insult is getting patted down just like on TV. I put on my most menacing scowl – they moved quickly.

Because you don’t know how long this is going to take, you get to the airport far too early and have way too much time to waste and if you haven’t had time to eat apparently there’s some sort of FAA regulation that Airport food can’t start at anything less than $9 but should be between $12 and $20 per meal per person. I pay .35 for a can of diet coke (case price) at Costco. I paid $2.82 for the same beverage in Orlando’s airport

It’s an hour long wait to go through security – then it’s an hour more until the plane boards and then you’re in another line for another 30 minutes to get onto the plane to squeeze into seats with total strangers – who cough.

Some airline marketing genius feels as though 200 human beings will become nutrient and fluid deficient in the one hour and six minutes we are in the air between Atlanta and Orlando which necessitates 4 Delta Airline employees to dispense water beverages and some sort of micro snack, then collect the garbage. The same people who do the tribal seat belt dance. 

Old guys like me remember seat belts weren’t even required in American cars until 1964. I spent a small fortune outfitting my 1956 pink Cadillac sedan Deville (Elvis’ was a 55) with replica Cadillac seatbelts.

Why do they assume we are dumbasses and we somehow forgot how to operate a seatbelt (now required on every car) since leaving the terrestrial vehicle that brought us to the airport? When the action in the aircraft morphs into a Diehard movie causing the cabin to depressurize triggering those yellow masks to drop out of the ceiling, do they think even without the riveting O2 mask demo we would look at that mask in the middle of all the pandemonium and say “what is that yellow cup and what should I do with it – I wish someone would have explained this to me”?

They wave their hands in the air pointing at various parts of the aircraft where emergency exits are . Once again during the pandemonium & depressurization I would just need to watch my Chrome book computer bag get sucked out into space to know where at least one emergency exit door had been. Why do I need to mentally recall the sultry arm dance of the exit doors when I can look for the word “Exit” on little signs all along the ceiling? Wouldn’t a simple video make tickets cheaper? 

Okay back on the road.

I wanted to check a bag for two reasons. First of all I’ve learned not to talk about politics on this blog and so there will be no talk of guns because everyone has an opinion on gun control. I will chat with you one-on-one but not in public about guns and ammunition.

But the only opinion people have about knives is typically which one to carve the turkey with and the relative importance of having a good feel for your home steak knives because you use them a lot (sorry vegetarians and vegans – we do have a butter knife episode coming to you below – no, seriously – butter knife episode below)

Full transparency, when you have about ½ million people looking at you on the World Wide Web you best be very transparent. Don’t ask me how or why but I’ve taken up knife throwing – as a sport.

It’s much harder than it looks in all of the YouTube videos. I’ve gotten a few sets of throwing knives from Amazon. Very inexpensive – under $10 for three knives. I’ve also got a couple of “boot knives” that clip into the top of those 8 inch Carolina logger boot risers.

In the rear building at the Birdie boutique there is a large 8’ x 8’ plywood wall which used to house large manzanita trunks we can no longer obtain. It’s the perfect practice knife target.

I use my tactical knife a lot around the shop and keep three in the car as all have tips that can break a car window in an emergency. I carry a box cutter too. That’s correct, I carry four knives with me most of the time. They are pretty inconspicuous and if you speak to any knowledgeable street fighter the first words of advice would be “run as fast as you can away from a knife fight”. They are defensive weapons IMHO.

I paid my due diligence and read the rules on the TSA website and the Delta Airlines website so there would be no mistakes. At the end of the day you can bring ammunition not a gun. You can bring knives and even swords including fencing swords which made perfect sense.

Anyone who travels knows how expensive alcohol can be. Being a lover of whiskey I am keenly aware of pricing knowing that travel alcohol at bars and restaurants in tourist destinations like Orlando are extraordinarily expensive. A glass (a shot) of Jameson’s whiskey is anywhere between $8 and $10 at a nice place.

I pay $.72 a shot when I buy it retail. Recently I’ve transitioned to Kirkland’s (Costco brand) 80 proof Scotch Whiskey and and have reduced my per shot down to $.34 – you get the picture. Plus I really didn’t want to travel with large glass bottles.

Healthful hint: 

I think of whiskey as a naturally fermented product just like yogurt and it has zero carbs so it’s diabetic (I’m type II) friendly – you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve friends.

With suitcases that I would’ve used for this trip in use elsewhere (long story) I drove to Target and bought one of those fancy four-wheel jobbies then wandered into the liquor aisle to see what bargains might be available.

That’s where the universe spoke. 375 mL bottles of Jameson were on sale for $10.99. Even though the 750 mL (the 1/5) bottles are usually between $19 to $24. The 375’s (1/2 the size) are usually between $15 and $17 and are rare. I bought 4. I paid my due diligence using targets free Wi-Fi. I rechecked the TSA site for alcohol regulations while in the alcohol aisle (art imitating life?).

I found this information:

Am I allowed to carry alcohol on a flight?

Passengers are allowed to carry alcohol on a flight, both in carry-on and checked baggage, as long as you are of legal drinking age and follow any applicable rules. In general, alcohol must be transported in its original, unopened container.

Can I bring any type of alcohol on the plane?

If your booze is unopened and 140 proof or less, you can safely bring your alcohol on board. Anything over 140 proof is prohibited, though, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Not in the mood for moonshine, I was golden.

I got home and put each of the small soldiers into its own sock. I put the three knives in their own sock (I wouldn’t be opening boxes). Even though I was only going for two nights I grabbed a weeks worth of underwear and T-shirts to pad the bottles. Being familiar with the strength of these bottles I did not put them in plastic bags before placing them in the socks.

When I got to Orlando Intl Airport it was late. I was tired. It was a new suitcase and the serpentine luggage line was very long. You know you get this little voice in the back of your head like somebody’s going to approach you shortly and say “please come with us Mr. Rezman we need to talk about the contents of your suitcase.”

Certain to provoke a private underwear fondling by the TSA

But I saw the parrot eye on the business card cable tied to a carry handle on the new suitcase all the way across two rows of conveyors and patiently waited for the bag to snake its way towards me. 

Paying for my first $50 cab ride to the hotel then impatiently waiting for the desk clerk to finish what nonsense she was doing to check me in so I could go to my room and savor the Jameson’s I had worked so hard to transport.

Being a seasoned (terrestrial) traveler I found the suitcase stand, unzipped the new suitcase getting ready to toast my arrival in Orlando when this document fluttered out of the suitcase.

Not surprising given the half a dozen bottles of five hour energy and a 7 inch beard trimming scissors along with the whiskey & weapons, I can see where that would make a really charming x-ray image to people In charge of the security for our commercial airways.

So yes Amanda, the TSA did have their hands in that extra week’s worth of my underwear. It was their duty to fondle my delicates inspecting for weapons and whiskey. Good for them – they are on their game!

Keeping score – re:

If your booze is unopened ” This is where you look closely at the picture of the four 375 mL bottles of Jameson’s (above) taken back home. The two left soldiers are empty and the third from the left has a good head start

a) so much for rules

  1. b) I was alone in a hotel room in a strange city for two nights – thank you very much.

This knife thing.

I’m teaching myself about knives, they are interesting – to me. I like doing research. I do research for you – I do research for me – I do it for fun.

So you’ll probably be as surprised as I was – listen up you vegetarians and vegans. You don’t have to own a set of thick wooden handle steak knives should you become beset by a zombie attack.

The TSA official webpage makes It is clear that pointed knives cannot reside in a carry-on bag, “Except plastic and round bladed butter knives” are almost encouraged.

This was surprising based upon my recent personal knowledge base enhancement about how (solid handle) butter knives – you know those knives that EVERYONE has in their kitchen?

make excellent beginners THROWING KNIVES made clear in the video above.

We value the TSA for keeping the skies safe. I’ll take my chances on two wheels at 90 miles an hour thank you.
end rant

written by mitch rezman
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Kiwi the not so gender neutral 19-year old lunging Meyers Parrot

Popcorn update


2 mL of fluid tapped from her belly today (8mL last friday)! yea! Good “trend” her energy is up, the fluid looked better under the microscope too. She’s been a real pip. Much like me every day above ground is a good day.


Hi Mitch.


I’m a fan of your newsletters My wife, Eileen, and I have a 19-year old Meyers Parrot named Kiwi. We think she’s actually a “he”, but at this point gender hardly matters (for her and me both). We have both worked out of our house for most of her life, I’m a writer, so she is with us most of every day.


She plays on the top of her day-cage, situated next to my desk, mostly chewing magazines and burrowing in cardboard boxes, and scurries down for the occasional smooch. She and I are very close, probably because I spend an inordinate amount of time scratching, playing with her, and taking her on regular tours of the house – focusing, of course, on the closets and drawers that she is endlessly fascinated by.


She loves, for instance, to peer into the overflow hole on our bathroom sink. Go figure.


My Meyers Parrot performing tricks!!! (not David’s)


My wife used to have a more intimate relationship with her, but that has, sadly, become less possible, as Kiwi has taken to randomly lunging at her. She (Kiwi, not Eileen) often seems “contrite” afterwards, but there are obviously some potent hormones directing these attacks. Probably, we imagine, a territorial thing involving me. While a problem, we have adapted, and this is not why I’m writing (but wouldn’t mind your thoughts).


We’re planning on getting a dog in the Spring. We’ve been wanting to do this for years, but haven’t, mostly because we’ve been afraid of Kiwi’s reaction. I don’t want to cause her undo stress and unpleasantness, she a happy bird now, nor do I fancy the prospect of a one-eyed dog.


The dog will be female, no more than 24 lbs, and of a breed not known as hunters. Certainly no terriers. As Eileen is allergic, it’ll probably be some poodle mix. A friend’s Cockapoo was too aggressive, so we’re currently focusing on Australian Labradoodles, which have Lab, Poodle, and Spaniel in the blend – the Lab component seems to have tempered the Spaniel. We’re having a local breeder bring a pup to our house next week for a test.


I’m writing to ask if you have any advice about the best way – if there are any good ways – to introduce a dog into a parrot’s domain – or if you could direct me to such advice.


David B

Asheville, NC



Cute Meyer’s Parrot Dance (not David’s)


Hey David,


Bringing a new species in the home is as predictable as a surprise stay from a distant relative. There is no way to foresee how this will go.


I would advocate that you keep Kiwi in her cage 100% of the time for at least the first week, if Kiwi has clipped wings I would allow her to be flighted which is one of the best defenses against another animal in the house.


Initially Kiwi will have no way of knowing doggie playfulness from doggie aggression. Clicker training should be introduced to both animals which will also help reduce Kiwis aggression towards Eileen. My philosophy is aggression is not tolerable from any domesticated animal in a home.


It also skews the relationship for many people causing failure with the relationship of the pet. One scenario I like to spell out for people is an evacuation story line, fire, basement flooding, weather any number of disasters could befall a household. Have you ask yourself “could Eileen get Kiwi in a travel carrier and to safety if you are not there”?


You are truly Kiwis mate – she loves you. It is important to know what gender your bird is and kiwi is a perfect illustration of this. “Burrowing in cardboard boxes” defines female brooding activity. The “overflow hole on our bathroom sink” contains calcium buildup that she is seeking because she is a female bird going through certain reproductive activity.


If she does not have one already I would introduce a cuttlebone, mineral block or calcium supplement. If you introduce the cuttlebone make sure the rough surface side is towards the bird and it will be a good indicator of her craving for calcium because you will see the little beak scrapings which would also confirm that she is a female


Senegal and Meyers Parrot Babies


Lack of eggs is not a guaranteed way of determining a bird’s sex as if the bird is overweight which you really only know by weighing her on a regular basis. Eggs can get caught in the Fallopian tube and just melt away into body fat with no external” indication of reproductive activity.


Caveat: poodles are hunting dogs – I raised standard poodles from 1982 to 1999. I kept five in my home and bred close to 30 champions worldwide. Standard poodles were originally bred by the Germans for hunting which is why they have long legs enabling them to run fast jump very high and very far. The curly hair (dander free) is so as not to get caught in underbrush.


That said even taking them down to size barring the miniature poodles and the teacup poodles you can have a fine dog. When looking at mixed breed dogs keep in mind you will always get the best and the worst of all of the traits of the combined breeds.


An AKC registered purebred dog will have a documented lineage and less guesswork. When looking for dog I always recommend to start with your veterinarian because he or she knows where the best and worst dogs are coming from in the area.


Hope that helps – Best of luck




Priam Psittaculture Centre (PPC) Meyer’s Parrots


Dear David


I read this exchange between you and Mitch.


I caught an error in the cuttlebone use.


Use the SOFT side toward your bird, the soft cuttlebone is what the bird eats. The hard back gets thrown out when the cuttlebone is used up. If your bird just breaks up the cuttlebone and does not eat it, toss it so the bird does not try to eat the hard sharp backing.


If your bird is eating the cuttlebone great, it likely is a female. But I would recommend that you use a mineral block instead of a cuttlebone. They will hold up better and offer more useful calcium.


Thank you

Catherine Tobsing


Dear David It does sound like she could be a female. But some males will get into the nest building. My Mother-In-law had a male cockatiel who took over a small trash can with paper which is more typical of a female. I would skip the cuttlebone and mineral block at this time. Unless the bird is actively broody, it won’t be interested in it. Thank you Catherine On Mon, Mar 7, 2016 at 11:54 AM, David B wrote: Thanks, Catherine. Great advice. Since Kiwi spends most of each day out of her cages – usually on the tops, or on other perches around the house – she rarely plays with her cage toys, and I wonder when she’ll find time to gnaw on the cuttlebone or mineral block. Naturally she’s locked in her cage when we leave the house, and overnight, so maybe this is when she’ll be bored enough to seek out a new activity. Kiwi has always been a “she” to us, but years ago she was x-rayed by a vet (long story) and two little black spots were seen that appeared to be gonads. Never any sign of an egg, but she “digs” (like a dog after peeing) in cardboard boxes, is obsessed with dark spaces, become too attached to drawers, and shows lots of other signs of nesting/roosting. Thanks again. I’m very glad I thought to send in my question. David


Popcorn Particulate


Why should we buy expensive Lafeber’s popcorn when we can buy cheap microwave popcorn at the grocery store?


Thanks for asking.


Simple answer:


Fine and ultrafine particle emissions from microwave popcorn.


Here I go again with science.


From the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health



This study characterized fine (PM2.5 ) and ultrafine particle (UFP, diameter < 100 nm) emissions from microwave popcorn and analyzed influential factors. Each pre-packed popcorn bag was cooked in a microwave oven enclosed in a stainless steel chamber for 3 min. The number concentration and size distribution of UFPs and PM2.5 mass concentration were measured inside the chamber repeatedly for five different flavors under four increasing power settings using either the foil-lined original package or a brown paper bag. UFPs and PM2.5 generated by microwaving popcorn were 150-560 and 350-800 times higher than the emissions from microwaving water, respectively. About 90% of the total particles emitted were in the ultrafine size range. The emitted PM concentrations varied significantly with flavor. Replacing the foil-lined original package with a brown paper bag significantly reduced the peak concentration by 24-87% for total particle number and 36-70% for PM2.5 . A positive relationship was observed between both UFP number and PM2.5 mass and power setting. The emission rates of microwave popcorn ranged from 1.9 × 10(10) to 8.0 × 10(10) No./min for total particle number and from 134 to 249 µg/min for PM2.5 .


the skinny


we don’t want your bird to suffocate on the “dust” of microwave popcorn.



written by mitch rezman

approved by catherine tobsing

approved by nora caterino


your zygodactyl footnote




Holy crap my bird’s favorite food changed one ingredient – why was this not on the Twitterverse?


Popcorn update

Friday 3/11/2016 – Dr Byron drained another 8 mL and gave her a shot of Lurpron. Everyday she’s with us is a gift.

I now let her out for an hour twice a day so she doesn’t tire too much and started “millet therapy” which keeps her on the ground (we’re keeping her flighted) and packs a ton of calories to help offset those used in the production of this nasty abdominal fluid production. If you’re not familiar with the story – read this.

Millet floor foraging cockatiel for her health

The green wing macaw blue front amazon rescue caper part 1/2 “Betty Blue, Betty Blue (<-TV show reference) the birds are landing this week end” stay tuned and now back to our regularly scheduledprogramming.

Saturday is daylight savings time

something your bird is unaware of. Your bird’s circadian cycle does not change because of your time zone or some laws that were passed in Congress years ago.

If you’re using a timer controlling the length of full spectrum lighting please ajust the timer to stay on the birds normal light cycle. Please pay attention to possible subtle differences in their behavior which could be potential stress triggers due to the confusing human time system.

They will see you waking up an hour later and coming home an hour later than you did last Monday. This can and will confuse a bird.

file under “who’s counting nuts”?

Good afternoon,

I am getting ready to place another food order with you and had a few questions regarding Goldenfeast Central American Preservation Blend II food.

Buy Goldenfeast Bird FoodMore Information on Goldenfeast Bird Food

A few of the ingredients listed on your site, as well as the manufacturer’s site, differ from what is actually on my bag. Not a huge difference but my good didn’t really look like the sample picture nor were there In shell Georgia pecans. Was there an ingredient change? Thank you,

Shannon B

Catherine’s answer:

Dear Shannon

We put the ingredient panels on our website as a courtesy to customers. Most websites don’t include this information at all. Unfortunately we cannot keep up with every ingredient change that manufacturers make.

At any time an ingredient list may change. Goldenfeast changes them often as they make their foods in small batches rather than massive amounts like the heavily produced varieties. It would be best for you to contact Goldenfeast directly if you feel the mix was as it should have been. They are very good to deal with and will be happy to listen to you. Toll Free: 800-344-6536.

We are increasing our Goldenfeast offerings all the time due to customer requests.

Thank you for your input.


This question made me recently flash on last summer’s nightmare. Actually it was in the news but not everyone connected the dots

By July of last summer we were out of stock on 33 SKUs of our top-selling bird foods due to the inability of sourcing ingredients. Georgia pecans were a problem. California almonds were another.

Two maybe three of the food manufacturers were also changing packaging. This might not be an entirely accurate telling of the story but when you order a ½ million bags with ingredient panels in January and you end up running out of almonds in April you can

a) throw the bags away and start over

b) do what they do to menus in Chinese restaurants – put somebody in a corner to scratch out the changes on the bags or

c) just let it go knowing this was not meant to intentionally mislead anyone.

Now I want you all to sit in the Lotus position and chant the following mantra “the more change I introduce to my bird the more willing my bird will be to accept change.” In other words the more foods that you offer your bird the more food your bird will accept which could be mighty handy if we run out of your food or you run out of your food while traveling with your bird on vacation or rapidly evacuating with your bird due to a fire flood weather emergency – I can keep going I’m sure you get the point

New subject – For your “off the wall question” person – (she clearly knows me)

I have a unique problem with my current parrot food, Zupreem, large size for a B+G macaw and a AG Timnath. I recently bought a Dyson stick vacuum, which I really love, especially in the bird room.

But my problem is that the large orange balls in the food constantly jam up my vac. It gets very frustrating popping it open to clear the blockage every few minutes. I know a shop vac would be better, but they are too much of a hassle for my health issues, plus, they do not come with Heppa filters. No more asthma attacks when vacuuming.

It figures that neither Bird will eat the orange balls, and tosses them out onto the floor. My three options are:

1. Send back the Dyson – ??

2. Switch to medium sized Zupreem

3. Switch to the Natural Zupreem (lg or med)

I think the best option is to try to get them to eat the Natural Zupreem (lg or med) pellets, (no more wast) but switching them will be a battle, but would it jam up the Dyson as well? Or just switch to the medium sized Zupreem?

I will be placing an order in a day or so, if it is any way possible,if you can send me a sample size or just a handful the Zupreem Natural pellets lg size and a few of the med size Zupreem orange balls. Just enough to toss on the floor and see which works best. I will gladly pay for your efforts, just let me know how much to add to my order

Thank you so much – Barbara P

Hi Barbara,

Unfortunately we have no sample programs in place right now. Yes birds are like autistic children – usually it’s the yellow banana shape that gets tossed but apparently your birds are an exception.

couple of suggestions – fill the food dishes less to maybe one third capacity and the birds may stop being so selective with a smaller food source.

You could also lower the food dishes to the bottom of the cage instead of using the dishes in the feeder doors. More food will fall through the grate to the tray and less will fall on the floor.

and I’m not trying to be cute here but have you thought about a broom and dust pan?


Ticket #3145: Sue P

Took my 24 year old Grey in to see a vet who sees exotics. The Grey plucks seems a little worse this year. Vet did physical, blood work, X-ray. She told me to start antibiotics for 2 weeks, also a heart medicine said that my baby’s heart is slightly enlarged and somewhat erratic. Now wondering if this is the right thing.

Dear Sue

we are sorry your grey is not well. Yes, please move forward with the care your vet recommends. We would never want to delay treatment and would accept treatment if suggested by Dr Brron for our own cockatiel Popcorn.

Mitch said he will get back to you further as soon as he is able to.

The best for your grey – Catherine

my turn

My first question – is she an “avian” vet? What are the antibiotics treating? What is the bird’s weight? Is it within an acceptable range for Timmy)?

How did she determine the erratic heartbeat? If you ever tried to listen to a birds heartbeat, it’s beating so fast (think drumroll) it’s impossible to count which is why it is usually listened to while the bird is under anesthesia and the heart has slowed down.

A bird can have a heart murmur – what your vet is speaking about I believe is called arrhythmia which is an abnormal rhythm. African grey parrots are more prone to Atherosclerosis, (plaque build up inside blood vessels).

Generally besides the blood tests and x-rays an echocardiogram or electrocardiogram or special dye can be done to truly study the heart and blood vessels. Was the bird tested for Chlamydophila aka Psittacosis?

As for the plucking have you looked at it holistically? In another words how is the cage set up, look at the ALL the perches especially the sleeping perch would should be soft. What’s it’s diet? What’s the daily light cycle and so forth?

Feel free to forward a picture of your cage set up for an eval and please respond to any questions below in the comments so we can all benefit from your experiences.

written by mitch rezman
approved by catherine tobsing
approved by nora caterino

your zygodacty footnote


How many conure species are there? You’d be amazed

Argentina Conure
Austral Conure
Azara’s Conure
Aztec Conure
Azuero Conure
Berlepsch’s Conure
Black-capped Conure
Black-hooded Conure
Black-masked Conure
Blaze-winged Conure
Blood-eared Conure
Blue-chested Conure
Blue-crowned Conure
Blue-throated Conure
Brazilian Grey-breasted Conure
Brown-breasted Conure
Brown-throated Conure
Cactus Conure
Carolina Conure
Chapman’s Conure
Cherry-headed Conure
Chriqui Conure
Crimson-bellied Conure
Crimson-tailed Conure
Cuban Conure
Dusky-headed Conure
El Oro Conure
Fiery-shouldered Conure
Finsch’s Conure
Golden Conure

Golden-capped Conure
Golden-crowned Conure
Golden-plumed Conure
Gran Sabana Conure
Green Conure
Green-cheeked Conure
Half-moon Conure
Hispaniolan Conure
Hoffmann’s Conure
Jamaican Conure
Jaraquiel Conure
Jenday Conure
Louisiana Conure
Magdalena Conure
Maroon-bellied Conure
Maroon-tailed Conure
Mitred Conure
Nanday Conure
Olive-throated Conure
Orange-fronted Conure
Pacific Black-tailed Conure
Painted Conure
Pantchenko’s Conure
Patagonian Conure
Peach-fronted Conure
Pearly Conure
Peter’s Conure
Petz Conure
Prince Lucien’s Conure

Queen of Bavaria Conure
Red-eared Conure
Red-fronted Conure
Red-masked Conure
Red-rumped Conure
Red-speckled Conure
Red-throated Conure
Rock Conure
Rose-crowned Conure
Rose-headed Conure
Sandia Conure
Santa Cruz Conure
Santa Marta Conure
Santarem Conure
Sharp-tailed Conure
Slender-billed Conure
Socorro Conure
Sordid Conure
Souance’s Conure
St. Thomas Conure
Sun Conure
Wagler’s Conure
Weddell’s Conure
White-breasted Parakeet
White-eared Conure
White-eyed Conure
White-necked Conure
Yellow-eared Conure
Yellow-sided Conure

find all conure supplies here

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