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Debunking the myth of feral cats devastating US songbird populations

We try to stay true to our philosophy and vision about the care of exotic birds but because we love birds we’re always trying to learn a little more. Most of you reading this have birds.

Some of you are thinking of getting a bird and others have had birds. Were all here for the same reason. We love birds. Humans will always disappoint, birds never will.

I’ve seen this argument come up repeatedly in the past year or so. Feral cats are devastating the song bird population. Folks, I don’t buy it. But because I’m the guy without the degree of the white lab coat I’ve got to go out and earn your trust the old-fashioned way.


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Help Me! My Parrot Won’t Eat Anything Except Seeds or Pellets

How to Easily Introduce New Foods to Your Parrot

Some parrots are weaned to a diet that is basically all seed or all pellets.

While pellets are supposed to be nutritionally complete, I believe parrots miss a lot of nutrition and foraging activity if they don’t also eat fruits and vegetables that are on the bird-safe list.

Some parrots easily try whatever is offered, but they tend to be in the minority.


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Bird cage dish for older cage issues

Find all our bird cage crocks & dishes here

I ordered these dishes for my cage using the dimensions you listed on your website which are #01 dish measures 5″ across the top including lip. (4 1/2″ not including lip) 3″ tall.

When I received these dishes which was on friday feb 3rd I checked them and they do not fit my cage.And the reason they do not fit is because they are not the dimensions you state on your website.


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