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Why Manzanita Activity Tree Stands?

According to the experts, cage confinement can lead to obesity, depression, boredom and stress. By being in an open airy environment, your companion bird/s gain a sense of freedom, a chance to explore, get plenty of exercise, and gain enhanced emotional stability. The physical & mental improvements are commonly noted by owners providing exercise gyms for their companions. Remember exercise is critical for all parrots.

Why your bird loves wood

Foot comfort (not hot, not cold), beak friendly, interesting surfaces to explore. Birds are instinctively familiar with wood its their natural environment.

Manzanita Parrot Playstands are an absolute must have for you parrot. These bird stands are a great natural climbing experience for your bird. Parrot Swings and playstands supply your bird with an excellent activity promoting foot health and aiding in the fight against obesity.

Where is Manzanita grown & harvested?

Our Beautiful Manzanita comes from Northern California. Manzanita is safe, non-toxic hardwood. It’s natural beauty, curving, and irregular shaped branches contribute to your parrot’s healthy feet and over-all well being. It’s a great natural climbing experience.

Since Manzanita is a natural wood it has a tendency to crack, initially, as it dries. These cracks are a natural process and will not affect the health or safety of your bird. No two trees will ever look the same. To create a non-skid surface the bark is partially removed and so your bird has two surfaces to maneuver around on. Our Trees come in a range of sizes to fit budgies up to the largest of the Macaws and Cockatoos (5/8″ – 2″ diameters). Each tree is beautifully handcrafted and designed with your companion birds needs in mind.

What else should I know about Manzanita Activity Trees?

All Manzanita Activity Tree Stands come with plenty of Toy Hooks and 2 food cups (Stainless Steel for Medium & Large size birds, and plastic for little and small size birds), and heavy duty casters provide ease of movement for all floor models (even over thick plush carpet).

The trays are constructed of hardwood frames with mitered corners, and easy to clean water resistant Melamine on both the top and bottom. The mobility of our floor models allows your companion to be in the same room with you or any room desired.

The table model is portable, so you can take your bird visiting with you. A variety of surfaces and perch diameters for foot safety, health and well being of your parrot.

Yep we still grow & make things here in the U.S. of A.

Founded in 1985, Advanced Avian Designs, inc. has been manufacturing quality mental health products for Hook Bills, with the additional benefit of providing exercise, muscle tone, good physical & mental health, challenges, a safe environment, and lots of fun!

Advanced Avian Designs, inc. recently changed ownership. Production facilities have been retooled and up graded. The entire line has been re-engineered to ship and assemble more easily than ever! Let your bird show you, these Manzanita Activity Tree Stands are built-to-last.

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