Barbara Heidenreich bird behaviorist Resume

Barbara Heidenreich Resume and Work History
Work Experience:
12/04-present Owner
Good Bird Inc, Austin, TX
Own and operate a corporation that provides parrot behavior and training products and services. These include Good Bird magazine, books, videos, workshops and consultations.
9/2002- present Owner
Animal Training and Consulting Services, Austin, TX
Own and operate an animal training consulting business. This business specializes in training animals for free flight bird demonstrations, animal training for outreach programming and special events, exhibit animal training for interpretive programming, animal training for husbandry and medical behaviors, and workshops for staff on operant conditioning.
1997- 9/2002 Director of Operations
Natural Encounters, Inc., Lake Wales, FL
Responsible for the overall operations of a 22-person company that performed educational wildlife presentations that primarily featured native North American and exotic birds in zoos and theme parks. Contracted by Disney’s Animal Kingdom since 1997. Responsibilities included managing and supervising staff, producing shows and consulting at other facilities, teaching workshops, training animals and performing shows/presentations. Position also required attending to administrative needs of the company including organizing and executing contracts, obtaining state and federal permits, strategic planning, budget review, recruiting and hiring staff, creating and writing policies, training manuals and curriculum. Position also required organizing and presenting the annual training workshop, open houses, IAAPA trade show exhibit, shows presented on the road and more. Position required high profile as a representative of the company with extensive contact with customers and the general public, as well as representing the company for television, nature documentaries and printed media exposure. Participated in numerous conferences and leadership training classes. Also managed conservation fundraising activities for nonprofit sister company, World of Birds.
Supervisor/ Animal Trainer
Natural Encounters, Inc., Lake Wales, FL
Supervised staff and performed duties relevant to day-to-day maintenance of facility. This included husbandry, animal training, staff training, and performing shows/presentations. Helped launch elaborate bird demonstration at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Provided standard operating procedures and other organizational structure to daily operations to allow optimum time management and efficiency. Focused heavily on training staff and providing feedback and guidance to help staff members reach their career goals.
1994-1997 Senior Animal Care Specialist
Discovery Island, The Walt Disney World Company, Lake Buena Vista, FL
Performed and presented bird demonstrations. Other responsibilities included animal husbandry and training. Also created and produced Discovery Island’s first free flight mixed species bird presentation. Created standard operating procedures and staff training manual for bird presentation department. Attended many training classes including Crossroads to Leadership Management Program.
1992-1994 Bird Trainer/Zookeeper
Brookfield Zoo, Brookfield, IL
Performed and presented bird shows in Children’s Zoo. Other responsibilities included animal husbandry and animal training for a variety of domestic and native North American species of animals. Created and produced new bird show.
1990-1992 Bird Trainer/Education Animal Care Specialist
Marine World Africa USA, Vallejo, CA
Performed and presented themed free flight bird shows. Other responsibilities included animal husbandry and training. Assisted in the creation and development of two new bird show productions. Trained and cared for bats, squirrels, iguanas, rabbits, opossums, ferrets, tortoises, birds and invertebrates for educational programs.
Prior Experience:
Research assistant in behavioral and evolutionary biology studies at UC Davis with primates, horses, anolis lizards, salamanders, sparrows and chickens. Veterinary Assistant. Wildlife rehabilitation volunteer.
Other Related Experience and Affiliations:
Current President-Facilitate and guide the organization as a leading influence in the bird training industry. Monitor legislative activity as it pertains to birds. Develop standards and guidelines for the industry.
Former President Elect – As President Elect have been directly involved with USDA on developing regulations the government now requires for inspecting birds. Also pursuing the further development of IAATE as an information resource.
Former Vice President – As Vice President organized and facilitated the production of the annual conference for 4 years. This included site selection, agenda and itinerary, conference content and focus, budget, registration,
collection of monies, arranging speakers and presenters, and much more.
Former Conservation Committee Chairperson- As committee chair and co-chair helped add structure and direction to conservation activities in IAATE. Also spearheaded the creation of the annual conservation award and grant. Also created a survey on conservation goals of membership to ensure organization meets the desires of the membership. Organized annual conservation fund raising activities. Put into motion steps for continued development and action to occur in this area of the organization.
Former Ethics and Standards Committee Chairperson- As committee chair, created a survey to help disseminate information on housing/care options for birds of prey. Also created the foundation that became the IAATE suggested guidelines for care of birds intended for educational programs.
National Avian Welfare Alliance (NAWA) group helping to form guidelines for USDA inspections for birds
Presentations and Publications:
“Good Bird” magazine published quarterly by Barbara Heidenreich debuted April 2005
“The Parrot Problem Solver. Finding Solutions to Aggressive Behavior” TFH Publications 2005.
“Solving Behavior Problems in Companion Parrots”, “Addressing Aggressive Behavior in Birds” and “Behavior Wet Lab” Assoc of Avian Veterinarians annual Conference 2005.
” Addressing Aggressive Behavior” International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators conference 2005.
” Training Birds for Medical and Husbandry Behaviors to Reduce or Eliminate Stress” American Federation of Aviculture annual conference 2003, International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators conference 2004, Animal Behavior Management Alliance conference 2004 and scheduled for the Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference 2004, American Association of Zoos and Aquariums conference 2004 and American Association of Zoo Keepers conference 2004.
” Good Bird. The Guide to Solving Parrot Behavior Problems” book. Published by Avian Publications 2004.
“Help! My Bird is Driving me Crazy!” C & C Pets 2003, Austin Pets Magazine 2003,National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation Newsletter 2004
“Strategies to Utilize when a Flighted Parrot Escapes” National Parrot Rescue and Preservation Foundation Newsletter 2004.
” Parrot Behavior and Training” Texas Avian and Exotic Veterinary Medical Association 2003
“Getting in Touch with their Feelings. Developing Sensitivity to Animal Behavior”
IAATE Annual Conference 2001
“The Power of One” (conservation action) IAATE Annual Conference 2000
“Training the Trainer” IAATE Annual Conference 1998
“Creating Magic in your own Kingdom. Attention to Detail to Enhance your
Show.” IAATE Annual Conference 1997
“Creating a New Bird Show at Disney’s Discovery Island” IAATE annual conference 1996
Numerous contributions to the International Association of Avian Trainers and
Educators Flyer newsletter 1995 – present.
Numerous Bird Club presentations 1997 – present
Several articles for Disney newsletter, Eyes and Ears 1994-1997
Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Zoology from the University of California at Davis 1990

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