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Mitch CAtherine Peaches in the Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

About Us

Windy City Parrot was hatched in 1993. It is comprised of the following entities. – Internet Sales
The website launched 12/31/01 – Now shipping to North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia Monday through Friday.

Windy City Parrot Supplies and Collectibles
Open 5 days a week with the best selection of bird & parrot supplies in the Midwest

Now offering collectibles too!

About the owners

Catherine Tobsing is the President of Windy City Parrot, Inc. Catherine enjoyed exotic birds as a hobby for many years before becoming an avian supply vendor in 1993. The birth of came on the heels of reduced bird fair attendance after 9/11. Opening the Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique on Chicago’s northwest side enabled feathered companion enthusiasts to benefit from feedback Catherine received at more than 500 avian events spanning a decade.

Undaunted by the total loss of her business due to a devastating fire on June 23rd, 2005, Catherine’s management ability was stretched to the limit with hundreds of orders and no inventory or computers.

Overcoming that tragedy and two moves later, Catherine oversees fulfillment from the new compact Birdie Boutique in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village. When she’s not overseeing shipping she is the buyer for all the categories at except cages & stands which Mitch orders.

Catherine excels at website design. Cooking and collecting avian antique objects d’art are hobbies she enjoys as time allows. 

Mitch Rezman is Vice President and General Manager. Mitch’s history of outside sales covers two tangible product sales categories over 25 years. He brings fresh marketing views to a once cottage industry. As a managing partner in a 110 salesperson home improvement organization, a manufacturer’s rep for 18 branded lines working through regional and national wholesale distributors, Mitch has enabled Windy City Parrot to enjoy unprecedented growth

In June 2005, the Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique suffered a fire that took the store from us. In September 2005, the Windy City Parrot Outlet Center opened at 2007 W. Fulton St in Chicago on the Near West Loop side of Chicago

We moved to a larger facility in April 2008 but felt the space was unsustainable due to the rapid economic downturn.

Downsizing to financially fit the new economic landscape we now fulfill internet and phone orders Monday through Friday at our new, smaller Birdie Boutique in Chicago’s Ukrainian village, just 3 blocks from our home. 

Windy City Parrot
618 E Commercial Ave
Lowell, IN 46352


6 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. When I first rescued my CAG 10 years ago I immediately put her on Harrison’s HP and soon discovered that she was allergic to it (very itchy with feather pulling behavior). I tried other pelleted diets to no avail, even rice based, and same allergic results. When I stopped between these various pellets she returned to normal behavior. I was never ever able to discern what it was in the pellets that caused this and I got tired of subjecting her to my tests. I really would like to find a pellet that I could use. It’s been 10 years now so maybe some things or formulas have changed. I saw the mention of the new Hagen Torpican Alternative Formula diet and thought I might try that.
    Have you ever encountered bird owners that claim their bird has allergies to pellets? My avian vet says birds don’t get allergies….I believe he’s wrong.
    Suggestions to try would be appreciated.


  2. Thank you for the kind words Beth Anne

    We like Blessings and carried it for about six months. Unfortunately Ms. Blessings treated the business more as a hobby thus her fulfillment times were all over the board both for drop shipping and stock orders.

    We reluctantly dropped the line because she cannot meet our customer’s expectations in terms of delivery

    1. Beth Anne Lockwood

      Oh what a shame!!! Well, do you have any insight to any other brands which have the same type of complete range of stuff? Or am I destined to keep searching? Hard with a Lori with health issues.

  3. Ah ha! Yeah! A way to email you – was thinking I’d have to make an overseas call!

    Your video on assembling Mango’s Deluxe Foraging Tree Station
    allowed me to see that there are screws and several metal loops to attach things to – all which possibly could be a danger to a Moluccan. So, do you think this is a good foraging stand for a Moluccan? I need to be sure as I’d be suggested this stand for them in a book about rehoming Moluccans. They can get their hookbills into and onto such metal things, right? Do you have other suggestions for Foraging Trees for Moluccans?

    I also want to say that I really enjoyed reading your January 19 blog entry (‘Which are the most affectionate parrots and what makes them that way?’). I’ll be reading more!

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