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Are feral parrots Americans or immigrants?

I was going to post some evergreen content to keep it short and sweet for the holiday weekend. I will keep it short and sweet but brain farts will be brain farts.

There’s all this talk of immigration in Congress – something I try not to involve myself in. But I do know of feral parrot flocks around the country which I’ll identify shortly.

This holiday weekend is all about independence and people in America. But what about the animals?


America is host to more than 6 million feral pigs

3 feral pis

hey congress guys

why aren’t you counting the 6 million undocumented alien pigs?

Thinking of them begs the question should we treat them (feral animals) as American citizens because they have been here for a while. Or apply immigrant status among the various species?

Let’s say I find an injured Quaker parrot in Hyde Park around the University of Chicago Hospital. Is the bird entitled to free emergency medical treatment or as an immigrant will not be admitted to the hospital?


If you’re lucky enough to be near any of these feral flocks like the ones here in Chicago, you can hear the birds squawking. They are South American birds. Are the squawks in Spanish or English – can someone tell me this?


Is Spanish the Quaker’s native language?

Are they all squawking spanglish?

Editor’s note: the bird should’ve been removed from his shoulder at the first nip – shoulder riding is an earned privileged.

Birds do not understand the meaning of “No”, positive reinforcement is always best.


Before I share with you some wonderful videos and images of feral parrots in the US, I found it interesting to learn that there are other feral species found in the strangest places.


He’s running off the road Martha…


over 1000 feral Rhesus monkeys reside in Florida

feral rhesus monkey family

do the young ones deserve a tax payer paid education?


at least 40 feral guinea pigs

reside in Nu’uanu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu

2 feral guinea pigs

should free exercise wheels

be made available to these US citizens?


Enjoy the videos and the rest of your holiday weekend.

Independent Lens
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill | Trailer | PBS
Wild Parrots in the Bronx
Wild Parrots Agoura Hills CA close-up HD
written by mitch rezman
approved by catherine tobsing
approved by nora caterino
your zygodactyl footnote

Mitch Rezman

He's handled a 1000 birds of numerous species when they visited monthly birdie brunches in the old Portage Park (Chicago, IL) facility. The one with the parrot playground.Mitch has written and published more than 1100 articles on captive bird care.He's met with the majority of  CEO's and business owners for most brands in the pet bird space and does so on a regular basis.He also constantly interacts with avian veterinarians and influencers globally.

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