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Comparative Human and Bird Digestive & Respiratory Systems

Comparative Physiology: Human and Bird

The human body uses food and liquids for energy, growth, maintenance and repair. Before it can use food and liquids for these purposes, it must go through a process called digestion, which is carried out by the digestive system. The digestive system consists of the following organs: Mouth, salivary glands, oesophagus, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, stomach, large and small intestines, duodenum, rectum and the anus.


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Making your own bird cage perches

If you are considering the making your own bird cage perches from trees in the back yard or local forest preserve, it’s important to know which wood species are safe and which ones are not. Please use the list below as a reference.

If you do introduce outside wood into your bird’s cage you should disinfect the branches with a good quality disinfectant like Mango Pet Focus – and allow them to dry completely before putting them in your bird’s cage.


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Windy City Parrot Videos- November 2016

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My parrots love eating any kind of fruit or juice, nuts or seeds, but aren’t interested in any other kind of food

My parrots love eating any kind of fruit or juice, nuts or seeds, but aren’t interested in any other kind of food I think is good for them. How can I change this?

my answer:


The problem is that’s not a balanced diet as they’re not getting enough protein.  I would advocate to introduce a product like LeFeber’s avi- cakes. They are mistaken as a sweet treat but they offer 100% nutrition to your bird because they contain a high percentage of pellets. The pellets are wrapped with seeds and nuts and fruit held together with molasses. In addition to the Higgins Sunburst Cockatiel seed blend that our cockatiel Popcorn fed on regularly she goes through a package of Lafeber’s Classic Cockatiel Avicakes about every two weeks. (more…)

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Why my bird doesn’t know what size perch to stand on

Rant-> Why we don’t know Jack about proper perch sizes for caged birds.

All these bloody geniuses on the Internet. YouTube rock stars of bird care. “Where are you getting your information?”

Avian vets have the of ability to predict the outcome of interactions between multiple birds. “Don’t put that bird near the other bird – an attack is imminent!”

Humans with no credentials will make videos about bird care without a stitch of evidence to present that the information they present is accurate.

We have 10 year old pages on our website that will tell you precisely the diameter of perches certain size birds require. 


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Pull the trimmer away from your bird’s beak and back away from the bird Mam

 Our economical bird nail trimmer has become very popular now that caged bird keepers realize how easy it is to trim their own birds nails while saving money at the same time. Make sure you know how to towel your bird to make nail trimming much easier.

Although we recommend using our electric nail trimmers to keep your birds nails trimmed, we do not recommend that you attempt to trim your bird’s beak.

It’s a sensitive organ and has a lot of sensory receptors and which could potentially be very painful to your bird if handled in the wrong way, which got me to thinking about today’s topic. Think – just slipping an 1/8 inch on the bird’s beak in the wrong direction can damage sensory cells (Herbst corpuscles).


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My M2 has a problem and I thought I’d run it by you

Hi Guys,

Love your newsletter!

My M2 (Moluccan cockatoo) has a problem and I thought I’d run it by you.

I’ve had birds all of my life, parakeets, cockatiels, amazons and this is my first ‘too. I got him as a baby and have had him for 10 years.

He seems very content as far as I can tell.

About 6 months ago he molted 3 feathers at the same time from his tail. The new ones sprouted, of course. But over the course of this six months he continues to pick his tail skin raw.

I know M2’s are notorious for self-mutiliation. I don’t think that’s the issue.


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Canaries – Nature’s IPods – Why They Sing

Before iPods there were boomboxes. Before boomboxes there were stereo radios. Precursors to phonographs were Victrolas.

But the way to get tunes in your home long before there was electricity was the natural sound of bird songs.

For years people would place a Canary or other singing finches in a small cage on either side of the room and whoever did that first can take credit for inventing stereo sound.

Canaries are small songbirds coming from the Finch family and were initially found in places like the Azores and believe it or not the Canary Islands.


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