Clicker training videos for birds – from tricks to flight

Clicker training videos for birds – from tricks to flight

It is opaque to me as to why cage bird keepers refuse to embrace clicker training. We spend hundreds (thousands) of dollars on birds, equipment, toys, accessories and food (thank you very much) but we spend so little time actually “training” these incredibly smart animals.

Much like those taking their dogs for a “drag” in the morning on my way to work – I see no control exerted by the humans.

Isn’t having a pet that responds positively to your behavior requests infinity more enjoyable?

What is wrong with people? I see birds go into and returned to rescues daily because the bird bites – because the bird lunges – because the bird won’t come out of the cage – because the bird gets out of the cage and I can’t catch it – because it won’t interact with anyone else in my family but me.

The list of excuses is endless. Five minutes a day with a clicker, a target stick, your chosen consistent command for the behavior your are teaching, a favorite treat will change the relationship you have with your bird – forever.

To make our point our clickers are now $2 and come with a pair of professional target training sticks at no additional charge.

Don’t take my word for it; watch these videos. If you can hand your bird small treats without shells work fine, they make a great reward.

If your bird is a biter, use a 6-inch piece of spray millet or put the reward in a small dish – so you don’t get bitten.

Now that I’ve removed all of your excuses what are you waiting for?

$2 clicker and target training sticks

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