Your 2017 caged bird keepers to-do list

cockatiel sitting on handle saw part of a hand tool collection hung on wooden fence

My bird(s) will get proper lighting using a timer to provide an accurate light cycle

I will get my bird(s) DNA tested so the next time I ask mitchr a question he will know if the behavior may be sexually oriented

I will work with my flighted bird to make him or her a better flyer. If my bird is not flighted I will consider allowing the wings grow out for a more confident bird that screams less.

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Christmas With My Parrots

Green-winged macaw eating pine cone perched on branch

I just love this time of year with my parrots. Currently we’re singing and dancing to rambunctious Christmas carols while hubby wraps presents. It’s time to think about gift giving for your beaked family. Homemade toys are the answer, because like me, you probably have lots of things around, like wrapping paper tubes to make into foraging toys. Husband wraps with the pretty foil paper which isn’t suitable for them.

Most gift wrap paper tubes today don’t have glue on them, but check to be sure. I wrap all of my presents in newspaper for my human family. What parrot doesn’t enjoy a crumpled up ball of newspaper tossed in their direction? Or a newspaper house? May as well let the fun begin now.

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My caique chews on everything in sight – help

white bellied caique close up


I love your birdie brunch and read it first thing every Sunday. Thank you!

I hope you can help me. I have an 8 yr. old white-bellied Caique. Conrad has owned me since he was 3 months old. I am also a strong proponent of flighted birds (seems to me they were made that way), so Conrad is fully-flighted.

He’s delightful and we are strongly bonded. He’s really a great bird and good company. HOWEVER, I don’t seem to be able to stop him from chewing on everything in sight. He has numerous toys of varying types and textures in all his houses (currently 3, not including travel), but when he’s out he chews on furniture, window sills, molding, electric cords, shoes, to name a few.

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Is sugar in bird food good or bad for my bird?

A wild yellow-crested cockatoo spotted eating

Hi Windy City Parrot.

All this blogging about food but I really need to know what you feed the budgies – and what they actually will eat. Standard seed mix? Any pellets? Avicakes? (molasses = sugar)

People food? Mine eat an uncolored mix (millet, canary seed, oats) and Harrison’s pellets, which they seem to eat more of than the corn pellet bits that come in their seed mix.

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Is human food killing your bird?

Blue and gold macaw parrot on full shopping cart in grocery store

One of last week’s post was entitled Comparative Human and Bird Digestive & Respiratory Systems – it was a bit heady and I think the point was lost on the majority of readers. The message was that avian and human digestive and respiratory systems are very different.

We need to ask ourselves the motivation to feed our birds human food in the quantities that I’ve never seen. A post in a Facebook bird group really tripped my wire.

BTW – Now that the majority of my energy is no longer necessary in rebuilding the Windy City Parrot website I’m returning to social media. Aside from selling thousands of pounds of bird food monthly I’m also now companion to a flock of five birds.

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Our birdie brunch buffet just got budgerigarer

2 budgies one looking down in cage questioning why there are 2 are 2 additional budgies

Ok I admit it – it’s like a drug – an addiction – “I need more birds man” Jason Crean the organizer of the TASC components of the 68th annual National Caged Bird Show was seeking to re home 2 budgies.

Catherine and I had discussed rounding out Bacon & Eggs cage with another budgie or two. When I saw the two budgies in front of Tracy who was reluctantly helping Jason by accepting them I mentioned “we were in the market”.

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