Why do parrots enjoy mimicking?

Red beak parrot hidding in the trees' leaves

How do we know parrots enjoy anything? Another question recently asked on Quora was “what do parrots do for fun”?


We know parrots prefer “working” for food versus simply eating from overflowing bowls of parrot food.


We know correlation does not necessarily imply causation but can we infer that work & play are one and the same for a parrot?

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Cockatiels are more similar to cockatoos than you might think

galah aka rose breasted cockatoo on left pied cockatiel on right against a beautiful sky with light clouds background

In this post we have grouped together information requests specifically about cockatoo parrots.

For a more granular discussion about some of the many species of cockatoo parrots – click here         

This post about cockatoos (we found 44 cockatoo species listed at the bottom of this post)  and serves as a counterpoint to the 43 species of macaw parrots we discussed last week.

We found a mere 12 cockatiel mutations.

At what age will a cockatoo stop laying eggs?

Name: Margaret G, Filled out from page: Egg Laying cockatoo
Colorado (United States)

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Unfortunately, if a birds egg laying goes uninterrupted, that bird will die.

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How do I encourage a Galah, that’s been on seed-only, to eat pellets veggies and fruit?

australia red and white parrot (galah cockatoo) cacatua in West coast bush

Hi Didi

We rescued an 8 1/2-year-old female Senegal parrot about 13 months ago. She’s not our first rodeo.

We operate an avian only pet supply business. We get bird food delivered five days a week. It’s inevitable that bags break and that’s what Peaches gets as I explain in the video below.

One of the paths of least resistance you can take is serving Higgins brand bird food products. Any and all of the Higgins Bird food products contain Higgins In Tune pellets so your bird’s beak will literally trip over them while eating.

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Improve the relationship with your bird for $2

long tail parrot on bird play stand with humans using clicker

Did you know statistically 96% of dogs turned into rescues have had no obedience training?

We haven’t found the statistics for birds and parrots but we suspect they are just as high.

Many people get infatuated with only the bird. The beautiful feathers, the possibility of speech and having a lifelong companion.

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Problematic budgies (budgies weigh the same as 2 Reese’s peanut butter cups – btw) Help!

Two budgies sitting on a branch and playing together

to Kathryn

Question about Male parakeet.

Every time I put my arm in the cage he attacks it, or he flies at me when I look in the cage.

My female looks depressed like she would rather he move out. She use to be so happy. I got her first, then him a couple months after.

She would sing, and play with her toys. Now all she does is sit on the same perch, and doesn’t hardly move. He doesn’t seem to fight with her.

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The Truth About Seeds For Pet Birds – Marion Zoological

Zoo Approved Marion Zoological Scenic bird food lable with picture of grey cockatiel

The Truth About Seeds White Paper | March 25, 2004

Over the years many have misunderstood the role of seeds in a quality psittacine food. Bird handlers, bird breeders, magazine editors, chat rooms, store owners, avian veterinarians, and manufacturers, have at times made misleading, and probably unknowingly naive, and harmful statements in regards to this subject.


One should consider that lay knowledge of complex nutritional and metabolic systems in animals usually leads to the loudest voice in the din being heard the most.

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