Why Are We Talking About Treating Bird Bite Wounds?
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Why Are We Talking About Treating Bird Bite Wounds?

Were not going to start with bird bites because we’ll be talking about several first-aid challenges you may face having a bird or two in your home for several decades.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as being prepared for disaster and certainly life’s cuts and scrapes.  

I’ve personally sutured a dog in a garage (after 5 minutes of training by my vet) 🙂


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The Challenge Of Rescuing An Older Injured Citron Cockatoo

Thank you Constance R.


So often its important to hear from independent third parties who provide valuable feedback on our pet bird content.


Having been in the process of rescuing budgies, (current budgie census is at six) and spending a lot of time with Peaches, our Senegal parrot weighing in at about 115 g, our recent focus has been skewed towards smaller birds.


Constance has a Congo African Grey and an Umbrella Cockatoo and from her recommendations, this is going to be a cockatoo-lishish post.


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Is it wrong to trim a baby budgies toe nails?

Is it wrong to trim a baby budgies toe nails?


If it is wrong, then why is it wrong to trim a baby budgies toe nails?


This is my answer to a question on Quora.


Editor’s note: Another answer about trimming a budgie’s toenails had advised against clipping their toes to avoid bloodshed.


By using a Rotary trimmer you can avoid cutting any birds nails to the quick by having total control in conjunction along with knowing proper restraint for small birds.


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Meet Your Next Parrot Problem Solver And She Has A Free Gift For You

I consider myself to be somewhat influential in the avian niche.


Professionally I subscribe to a handful of YouTube channels with other avian influencers producing a huge amount of video content for channels with massive numbers of subscribers.


The apparent criteria for being a YouTube avian influencer is to “have birds”


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Do birds really need that mysterious but pervasive cuttlebone in their bird cage?

Like hard working catchers of the MLB we get questions tossed to us day in and day out.

Questions are my favorite part of words.

The answers to questions enlighten us and make it better regardless of our endeavor.

What size cuttlebone should I put my bird’s cage?

How effective is cuttlebone at reducing the length of my bird’s beak?

“What a long strange trip it’s been” lyrics that you may know as part of a Grateful Dead song and a tribute to Jerry Garcia but the title of the compilation comes from the lyrics of one of Robert Hunter’s most famous songs, the line from “Truckin“:

Lately it occurs to me: What a long, strange trip it’s been. Robert Hunter was probably the Grateful Dead’s most prolific lyricist –

There’s never a right place to digress, is there?

Have you ever gone out for a drive on a motor scooter or a four wheeled terrestrial vehicle and ended up in another state?

That’s the feeling I got while researching cuttlefish.


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Bird Cage And Food Recommendations for 2 Quaker Cagemates

Looking for an appropriate bird cage to house 2 Quaker parrot cage mates
Hi Rose,
I think this 3159 Select would be a great cage from Prevue.
The 36 Inch wide foot print give the birds ample room for separation if needed.
It provides the best of both worlds having a dome top for interior height and a play area for time outside the cage.
As you can see it has ample seed skirts 


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